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At the beginning of each year, we receive a slew of inquiries asking our opinion on cleansing and detoxification products. 2010 has been no exception. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, they are pure garbage. In response, several years ago, we created a cleanse (vegetarian) and a detox (non-vegetarian) that are safe and most importantly, gentle.

Cleanse and detox products tend to be very stressful to our organs, and sometimes, extremely dangerous. We have seen too many cases of sensitive people who have major flareups or reactions from the harsh ingredients, which tend to be highly allergenic (psyllium, senna, cascara sagrada, and bentonite clay to name a few).

Starving yourself of real food and nutrients with juices or long fasts are also poor cleanse/detox choices.

The perception and motivation behind cleanses/detoxes must change. It is not about "roto-rooting" your way to health. It is about allowing your body, the digestive system in particular, to take a break, relax, and repair. You do not need to starve or blast yourself to achieve this.

More often than not, if you adhere to healthy lifestyle habits, especially diet, you don't even need to cleanse or detox.

The staff and I like to do a cleanse or detox once or twice a year just to give our digestive system a rest.

While hypoallergenic and hypotolerant, our protocols are easy to modify if you have a specific food intolerance or allergy.

Smart Cleanse
We created Smart Cleanse several years ago after watching Oprah Winfrey go through a horrifying vegan cleanse, which did nothing for her. Smart Cleanse is sustainable, vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, artificial sweetener-free, and well-tolerated for most individuals who suffer from chronic yeast problems. Smart Cleanse Action Plan can be accessed here.

Smart Detox
Smart Detox 2-Week Action Plan is a hypotolerant, non-vegetarian detox. You can follow it three different ways: food only, food with medical food powder, food with cleansing supplement. Shopping list and menu included. Smart Detox Action Plan can be accessed here.

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy is the ideal complement to a cleanse or detox protocol. In addition to penetrating deep into the dermal tissue to remove toxins, the one hour experience in our Rejuvenating Room is a wonderful way to relieve stress. Details here.

For those of you dependent on the feeling a harsh colon cleanse produces, the safest protocol we recommend is Vitamin C Lavage. A complimentary copy can be made available if approved by Bonnie or your licensed health professional.

Upon completion of your cleanse/detoxification, continue the momentum by making a concerted effort to adhere to your optimal, balanced, and individualized lifestyle plan.

Fish Oil Linked With Longevity.
New research suggests that fatty acids may possess a fundamental benefit: heart patients with high omega-3 intake had relatively longer "telomeres," which are stretches of DNA whose length correlates with longevity.

Cardiologists from several hospitals measured telomere length over five years in 608 patients who had coronary-artery blockage and previous heart attacks. Researchers found that people with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their white blood cells experienced significantly less shortening of telomeres over five years, as compared with patients with lower omega-3 levels.

"What we're demonstrating is a potentially new link between omega-3 fatty acids and the aging process," said Ramin Farzaneh-Far, a clinical cardiologist and lead author of the study published in Journal of the American Medical Association.

The study focused only on "marine" omega-3 found in fish, not the type found in vegetable sources like flaxseed, walnuts, canola oil or soybean oil. According to researchers, there is "very little good evidence for the omega-3s from flax and walnuts."

Bonnie - while you and I are aware of the myriad benefits of fish oil, the fact that it appeared in JAMA should muzzle the practitioners who called me crazy after recommending fish oil to their patients years ago.

The study also confirms that there is no substitute for fish oil, because it is pure EPA/DHA. Flax, walnuts, and other plant omega-3s are extremely healthful, but contain mainly ALA, which needs to be broken down and converted into EPA/DHA. One quarter of the human population are poor converters.

Survey Says?
Our year-end client survey produced some interesting results that we thought we would share with you.
  • When asked, "now that experts recommend meeting with a nutrition/dietary professional as much or more than a primary care physician, what would be your ideal number of visits?" 49% of the respondents said 2-4, 42% said 1, 6% said 5-7.
  • 75% of respondents have forwarded our newsletters to family, friends, and coworkers
  • 93% have recommended our services.

Client Wellness Achievement Highlights from 2009

  • "Removing gluten and dairy from my diet, which has eliminated all of my gastrointestinal symptoms."
  • "Reaching 70 in good health!"
  • Getting my ulcerative colitis under control due to Bonnie's suggestions and food intolerance testing. And of course, being healthy enough to get pregnant again!"
  • "Living Pain-Free!"
  • "Being able to conquer cancer."
  • "I did the food allergen cleanse in 2008 and lost almost 20 lbs. I have kept most of the weight off for all of 2009. I look and feel so much better."
  • "My daughter who had 8 ear infections in 8 months, has not had one in 7 month since becoming dairy-free."
  • "Determining what food I was allergic to in order to stop my horrible acne. It is the greatest thing ever and as a bonus, I no longer have achy joints."
  • "Decreasing my cholesterol, increasing my bone density, huge decrease in illness and more energy. It was a good year!"
  • "When I stick to Bonnie's plan I am healthier."

Client Wellness Goal Highlights for 2010

  • "More time for sleep and exercise."
  • "Try not to overeat."
  • "Maintain my current achievement and add more exercise."
  • "I have cheated with my food directions and must get back to my healthy routine."
  • "Continue to make progress taming my sweet tooth."
  • "Relieving anxiety and depression at the outset of menopause."

Have a happy, healthy day.

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