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February 18, 2015
Dear Steve, 

Regrettably, Integrative Therapeutics has stopped manufacturing Alka-Aid. They said it was purely a "business decision" and replaced it with two, more expensive herbal remedies that we do not recommend.

Currently, there is no exact match for Alka-Aid. For this reason, and the fact that many of you rely on it for GERD/Reflux, we will be custom-formulating the product ourselves. The product will be ready mid-June. Until then, we have several individualized protocols for you to bridge the gap. Contact us at your convenience.
Our Favorite Brands Are Selling Out to Big Food
Applegate Farms and Enjoy Life Foods Rumored to Be Sold To Mega Food Conglomerates
Steve: I cringe at the thought of it. Applegate Farms, the meat product producer my kids grew up on, is in talks to sell to Hormel, the maker of SPAM. Really? How soon until we see organic SPAM on the shelf?

Listen, Applegate has built a wonderful business and has every right to sell its company. But to Hormel? Do any of you think this will end well for the consumer? Look what happened when Chipotle sold to McDonald's. In three years, Chipotle bought the company back because McDonald's simply didn't get the idea of providing clean, humane, transparent food to its consumers.

I am too cynical to think that Hormel will leave Applegate alone to do what it does best. I've seen this movie before with Horizon, Vitamin Water, and stevia, to name a few.


Enjoy Life Foods Is the Next to Fall

Just as I am getting over the Applegate Farms news, then I read that Enjoy Life Foods, which makes my favorite snack chip, Plentils, is being bought by Mondelez Foods, the conglomerate that owns Kraft, Nabisco, and Cadbury, to name a few. Are we going to see Gluten-Free Wheat Thins before you know it?


I know, the owners of Enjoy Life said all the right things about growth and taking it to the next level. Excuse me if I am skeptical. This company is especially dear to me because they are local. When they had just launched their first few products, we were one of their first advocates for getting the word out. Now, I kind of feel that they have gone to the dark side.


Should I feel flattered that all of these brands we so passionately recommended are now being gobbled up by Big Food? Or, should I feel that somehow, some way, Big Food will mess it up like they've done so many times in the past. Time will tell. But if in a year, I see corn starch instead of potato starch on the ingredient label of my beloved Plentils, I will have gotten my answer.

Mid-Week Briefs
The President's Challenge Adult Fitness Test
Bring back memories from gym class?
How Much Do You Pay for Bloodwork?
If you have a high deductible, the cost is prohibitive. Even if insurance covers most of the bloodwork, your co-pay can be steep.
Does Your Kid Have Chronic Stomach Aches?
Conservative journal Pediatrics lists three effective complementary therapies.


The Government's Mea Culpa on Dietary Fat, Cholesterol
2015 Dietary Guidelines Will Contain Big Changes
Bonnie: Did the national dietary guidelines overreach when they recommended cutting dietary fat consumption to less than 30% and saturated-fat intake to less than 10% of daily energy intake? A new review suggests they did, with investigators reporting that not a single randomized, controlled clinical trial backed the advice when the recommendations were issued in 1977 in the US.


Given the absence of evidence, the investigators say their review concludes that the present dietary advice, which currently recommends Americans keep saturated fat to 5% to 6% of daily calories, needs more than an overhaul. In fact, they believe the dietary fat recommendations should never have been introduced in the first place.


Why may you ask? "When you tell people to lower saturated fat-protein typically stays the same, we get about 15% to 20% of our calories from protein-they inherently increase the consumption of unsaturated fats, particularly the omega-6 fats found in vegetable oils, and carbohydrates," senior investigator Dr James DiNicolantonio said.


And here's the best part. DiNicolantonio says that instead of arbitrarily focusing on limiting one macronutrient perceived to increase the risk of heart disease, individuals should simply "eat real food." Where have you heard that before?

Salicylates: The Most Universally Ignored Intolerance
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