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-- February eNews.
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Dear Valued Client,

We keep you plugged into what's new in the world of nutrition, wellness, and public health. Email us if there is a particular topic you would like us to explore. Have a happy, healthy day!

Kick The Craving Consult.
 Our client April said it perfectly: "Eat to fuel your body, not your cravings."

Many of you have expressed difficulty overcoming your food cravings. It makes losing weight difficult. We have brand new nutritional tools to help you overcome this.

Bonnie is now booking Kick the Cravings Consults.

It is so simple. Just schedule a thirty minute appointment with Bonnie. Incorporating newly discovered satiety and weight-loss data, Bonnie will individualize a quick and easy protocol that complements the dietary changes you have already made.

  • Kick the Craving Consults are available only to current clients. New clients must do our 90 minute wellness evaluation first.
  • Kick the Craving Consults can be done in-office or by phone.
  • Call 847-498-3422 to set up the appointment. Specify that you would like a Kick the Craving Consult.



Take Safety Into Your Own Hands.
 The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has concluded that the Food and Drug Administration as currently structured is inadequate. Surprised? Of course not. The GAO has labeled the FDA's oversight of food safety and medical products, as well as the EPA's control over toxic chemicals, as areas of high risk.

While the Obama Administration haggles over how best to fix these departments, we have a few suggestions as to how you can, to the best of your ability, control what goes into your mouth and onto your body.

Have a suggestion? Comment in the box at the end of the following article:

Take Safety Into Your Own Hands.

Recommended Reading.
 At long last, Bonnie has come up with a list of recommended reading to further your wellness knowledge. This list will be updated regularly.

We encourage you to email us if you have a book that has made a positive impact on your life. Enjoy!

Nutritional Concepts Wellness Library.

February Sale - 20% OFF.
ultraflora Metagenics Ultra Flora Plus DF caps
An ideal dairy-free probiotic combination for daily use. Both acidophilus and bifidus strains have a long history of efficacy (recently, the Wall Street Journal noted this as one of the well-researched probiotic strains). Probiotics are especially helpful during the winter months for fighting infection.

Carlson Mini Multi
The ideal one-a-day multi for kids and young teens in a tiny tablet. Research has shown that fortification with multiple nutrients can improve verbal learning and memory in this nutrient-poor demographic.

Biocodex Florastor Extra Strength
Saccharomyces boulardii promotes intestinal health by helping healthy flora growth and protects the intestine from the harmful effects of antibiotics and g.i. medications. Research on this strain has been published extensively in worldwide scientific journals. No refrigeration required.

Metagenics Proboulardi
Lactose-free alternative to Florastor.

Metagenics ChondroCare
Our recommended Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM combination to prevent joint degeneration utilizing less acidic, non-sodium sources.

Order here

104 Year-Old Credits Cod Liver for Longevity.
104yearold Richard Catton, The Press London, England

An ex-pub landlady who attributes her longevity to cod liver oil has celebrated her 104th birthday. Alice Leaf is a former landlady of the Phoenix Pub, in George Street, York. She was born in Heworth on January 21, 1905. She started working on her 14th birthday in 1919 and remembers her father returning from serving in the trenches during the First World War.

Mrs Leaf married her policeman husband, Stanley, in 1928 and the couple went to live in Wakefield for his work. Her son, Raymond, said: "You would not think she was her age. She is laughing and joking and when she was 100 the mayor came to visit and went to the wrong person as my mother didn't look old enough."

Alice Leaf Turns 104.

Recipes du Jour.
recipe2 Once a month, we highlight a recipe from our database or from you. We welcome entries by email to

Old Fashioned Meatballs and Sauerkraut
This was Bonnie's maternal grandmother's favorite meal and she lived to be 103. She felt that sauerkraut was the key to her good health and longevity. Who knew that authentic sauerkraut does not only possess the health benefits of cabbage, but that it also contains healthy flora? She likes this recipe because it is a complete one pot dinner and great for a cold winter night.

-1 lb. lean ground round (beef) or dark meat turkey
-1 organic omega 3 egg or 2 egg whites, well-beaten
-1 c.cooked Jasmine or basmati rice (the frozen 3 minute microvariety is the quickest)
-1-2 T. dried minced onion or shallots
-pinch of salt, optional
-pinch of white pepper
-1/4 tsp. allspice
-28.5 jar old fashioned sauerkraut (only ingredients should be cabbage, salt and water) - my favorite brands are Gundelshein from World Market or 365 brand from Whole Foods.
-8 oz. organic chicken broth (Pacific Foods)
-1/2 c. filtered water

In a large pot, heat sauerkraut, water, and chicken broth on medium heat until bubbly. Combine all other ingredients and make into 4-6 meatballs. Drop, one at a time, into sauerkraut. Cover each meatball with hot sauerkraut. When all the meatballs have been added to the sauerkraut, turn the heat down to simmer and cover the pot. Cook for 30-45 minutes until there is no pink left in the meat. SERVES: 4

Recipes to Live By.

February eNews.
eNews -Low Vitamin D causes Alzheimer's risk in the elderly.

-Just as humans produce more acid when they are stressed, plants that are stressed due to climate change produce more salicylic acid (salicylates). Besides the effect it has on humans that consume them, stressed plants also produce more volatile organic compounds that contribute to ground level ozone. The discovery was made by the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

-Obama keeping fruit and veggie grant may be sign of positive things to come.

-Country-of-origin rules take effect March 16.

-Green tea plus exercise speeds the loss of abdominal fat.

-"You are what you eat" is outdated.

For More News Like This, Visit Bonnie & Steve's Blog

Alert: Statin Users
 Please read the article below and discuss with your physician.

We have pleaded with clients, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies to acknowledge how devastating statins drugs can be to cell mitochondria. If you are on a statin and are not taking Co-Enzyme Q10, we implore you to do so immediately. Contact our office for details, questions, or concerns.

First Comprehensive Paper on Statins Adverse Effects Released.

Bonnie on You Tube.
youtube Our Chiropractor, Dr. Lilo Schuster, hosts an Evanston Cable Access show called "What's Your Story." Bonnie was her most recent guest. This episode is a great introduction for anyone thinking about seeing Bonnie.

"What's Your Story" with Bonnie Minsky (8:42 running time)

Locavore Tidbit.
 Economic factors, contamination fears, and locavores feed home growing boom.

Read excerpts from this article.

In Case You Missed It.
 Here's a recap of the timely issues we covered in January:

Well Weight-Loss.

The Age of Stevia.

Peanut Butter Recall.

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