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March 11, 2013
Dear Valued Subscriber,   


Did you know that added weight equals added pain? According to a recent Obesity study, the increased rate of pain for overweight subjects was 20%, obese 68%, more obese 136%, and most obese 254% versus normal weight subjects.


Did you know that a recent Journal of Nutrition study found that Coenzyme Q10 supplementation at a dosage of 150 mg. appears to decrease the inflammatory marker IL-6 in patients with Coronary Artery Disease over a 12 week period?


Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky


Masked Mold Toxins in Grain: Unregulated and Unmasked in Our Intestines.
corn aflatoxin

Government limits on mold toxins present naturally in grain crops should be expanded to include so-called "masked mycotoxins" that change from harmless to potentially harmful forms in the body, a new study ascertains in journalChemical Research in Toxicology.


The authors explain that molds growing naturally on wheat, corn and other plants produce toxic substances termed mycotoxins. Some health experts regard mycotoxins as the most serious chronic dietary risk factor, greater than the potential health threats from pesticides and insecticides. Government regulations thus limit levels of mycotoxins that are permissible in food and animal feed.


Plants protect themselves by binding or "conjugating" glucose, sulfur or other substances to the mycotoxin, producing conjugated mycotoxins that are not harmful o the plants. These "masked mycotoxins" are not included in current safety regulations because of uncertainty about what happens when people and animals eat them.


The new study focused on two of the most widespread mycotoxin contaminants of grain crops -- deoxynivalenol and zearalenone. The authors say their results show, for the first time, that bacteria present in the large intestine in people deconjugate or "unmask" these mycotoxins, releasing the original toxic forms.


Steve: This is not the first time we have reported on mycotoxins. While research is still scant, studies like these will bring the issue to the forefront. In the interim, mycotoxicity is yet another good reason to keep grain consumption to a minimum. 


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eNewsThis week's topics:
NCI Well Connect (Subscription Only)
Why NCI Well Connect?
Why NCI Well Connect?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the avalanche of diet and lifestyle information you are exposed to? Do you feel like there is never enough time to read up on all of it? NCI Well Connect can do it for you. 


Utilizing our decades of clinical experience to discern what is fact or fiction, we pore over 400 journals and media weekly to find the ideal nutrition and lifestyle tips that will motivate you to adhere to, or improve upon, your wellness goals.


NCI Well Connect is your weekly nutritionist and wellness companion. 


This Week's Topics Are:

  • New Hormone Linked to Metabolic Disease.
  • Fighting Vision Loss With Food.
  • New Acne Remedy on the Way.
  • Chiropractic No Joke for Vertigo.
  • FoodQ: New Xylitol Mints
  • FoodQ: Country of Origin Labels
  • Banana Ice Cream Maker
  • Rice and Quinoa Beverage
  • Reusable Bamboo Towel
  • Underlying Cause for Rosacea.
  • This Social Media Helps With Learning.
  • Two Ways to Maintain Muscle Mass.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Food.
  • Human Genome Tied to Gut Microbiota.
  • eInspire

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Broccitology: Superfood Championship 2013

broccitologySeedings for the first-of-its-kind, 2013 Superfood Championship, will be announced on March 18th. Brackets will be available that day to download and print. The Superfood Championship will run concurrently with March Madness, the Men's and Women's College Basketball Championship.


Your participation is easy. All you have to do is vote on the Superfood match-ups each round until there is a winner. If you participate through the championship game, you will automatically be entered into a raffle to win a $50 Whole Foods gift certificate.
Senior Broccitologist Steve Minsky exorts, "What better way to honor National Nutrition Month? Have fun and learn something along the way."


Sleep Well Action Plan

sleep2One of the perks of being a NCI Well Connect subscriber is that you are granted monthly access to our Action Plan Library (27 plans with a total value over $200). That perk comes in handy when you are trying to sleep optimally.Sleep Well Action Plan covers just about every non-pharmacological way to explore restful sleep. Much of the information is based upon the clinical success that Bonnie has had with clients.

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