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March 11, 2015
Dear Steve, 

DID YOU KNOW that we found one good use for corn? A cornmeal mush/soak helps eliminate toenail fungus if done once a week.
How Water Can Adversely Affect Your Thyroid
Study Casts Serious Doubt on Fluoridation

Higher levels of fluoride in drinking water appear to be associated with an increased risk for hypothyroidism in a new study from Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, raising concerns about the validity of community fluoridation of water as a safe public-health measure.


This was the first population-level study investigating fluoride levels in drinking water and hypothyroidism. When a comparison was drawn between the West Midlands, England, a completely fluoridated area and Greater Manchester, a nonfluoridated area, nearly twice the risk for hypothyroidism was detected in the West Midlands.


Prior to this study, a report in 2006 by the US National Research Council highlighted the potential causal relationship between fluoride and hypothyroidism as an area for future investigation. Unfortunately, there has been little study of the association and nothing on a populationwide scale until now.


The authors postulate that there's a 9% elevated or excess hypothyroidism prevalence across England due to fluoridation of drinking water. Levels of fluoridation in the United Kingdom are comparable to those in the United States.


Bonnie: We have denounced water fluoridation for a while now. As the research slowly trickles in on the adverse effects of fluoride exposures, and the lack of significant dental benefit from ingested fluoride, we need to rethink the whole practice of adding fluoride to drinking water.

Mid-Week Briefs
Nuts Do Wonders for Teens
You won't believe how little it takes for nuts to have a huge effect on teens' long-term health.
Alternative to Icing Injuries
Last week, we listed ten reasons why icing injuries is wrong. Now, a colleague explains what recourse we have in lieu of icing. This can be accessed below by NCI Well Connect Members.
Stop Big Pharma From Patenting Natural Products
Some of this information will stun you.
Why Aren't More People Talking About C. Difficile?
C. Difficile Infects 500,000 and Kills 29,000 Every Year
Bonnie and Steve: In just about every instance, these numbers would implore public health agencies like the CDC to take herculean efforts to curb the spread of C. Difficile. The first order of business would be to enact draconian rules to ameliorate the gross overuse of antibiotics. Antibiotics are the reason why C. Difficile is so virulent.

The greenish stuff pictured to your right is C. Diff on a diseased colon.

Years ago, steps should have been taken to make it just as difficult to get an antibiotic as it is to get an opoid pain med. That's how dangerous it is to take antibiotics these days. Yet, suggestions are made and voluntary mandates are enacted, but nothing with any teeth in it has ever come.

Just last week, McDonald's announced that they will not be using chickens treated with antibiotics. Well, that's all fine and good, but the damage has already been done. They have known about antibiotic-resistant bacteria for decades, but just decided to do something about it now. I think the announcement had more to do with their declining sales than a desire to protect their customers.

C. Difficile is a devastating infection that once contracted, is very difficult to eradicate because it is resistant to most antibiotics. Most clients we know that have contracted C. Diff have had to try between three to five antibiotics before they get it under control, if at all.

The situation is so dire that we think doctors should be heavily fined for prescribing antibiotics without a confirmed test for bacterial infection.

We have one simple rule for you: DO NOT take an antibiotic without confirmation that you have a bacterial infection.
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How Much Do You Pay for Bloodwork?
If you see Bonnie, you know that bloodwork is an important part of the visit.

The problem? If you have a high deductible, your out-of-pocket cost can be prohibitive. Even if insurance covers most of the bloodwork, the lab inflates the prices so much that your co-pay is even steep.

The solution? We have used a local lab for over 20 years that does our entire bloodwork panel for a VERY reasonable price.

The benefits? You do not have to go through your physician. While you do pay for the bloodwork out-of-pocket, you can use an FSA or HSA credit card. You can self-submit a claim to insurance for potential reimbursement.

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