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March 19, 2012
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Red Meat Mortality Study: 
So Right and So Wrong.


Bonnie and Steve: A study published last Monday in the Archives of Internal Medicine from some of the most respected nutrition researchers in the world confirmed what most of us already know. The more conventional red meat you eat, the higher your risk of dying.

Conventional, raw red meat is comprised of inflammatory omega-6 fats, antibiotics, hormones, and chemical byproducts. Processed red meat includes the aforementioned as well as nitrates, excess sodium, sugar, and a host of other chemicals.

Unfortunately, the Harvard researchers lost an amazing opportunity to offer a solution for the future of red meat. There was no mention or distinction between how conventional animals are raised and how organic animals are raised.

The diet of conventional animals raised for red meat consumption is diametrically opposed to how they should be eating genetically. This produces sickly, inflammatory, chemical-laden meat.

Domesticated animals raised for red meat consumption that are provided with diets that are genetically harmonious produce healthful, nutrient dense meat. Furthermore, the majority of these animals are provided the opportunity to exist in an open, stress-free environment.

Instead of categorically denouncing red meat, which the mainstream media certainly fed upon last week, the researchers missed a golden opportunity to offer an alternative to the way red meat is currently presented to the world.


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Why NCI Well Connect?
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  • Bonnie: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Ancestor Sheds Light on Our Future.
  • Workplace Wellness Series Part Three: Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • This Drug Increases Breast Cancer Risk.
  • Exotic Salsa
  • New Energy Bar
  • Shopping for Colon Cancer Prevention.
  • Exergames Improves This Condition.
  • Taking Locavore to the Extreme.
  • Eat Protein Before Bed?
  • Abdominal Migraine?
  • Bariatric Surgery Complications Growing.
  • eInspire: this week's entry is so apropos!

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Tree Pollen in Mid-March?


Tree Pollen is already high in the Chicagoland area. There is plenty of work you can do by yourself to improve allergic symptoms. Our action plan explains the difference between a true allergy and intolerance. It also lays outs cross-reactive foods for each type of airborne allergy and what to replace them with. This is invaluable as tree pollen season started early and grass season is soon to follow.

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Gluten-Free Maztoh 
Yehuda GF Maztoh
Yehuda Matzoh is a wonderful gluten, corn, and rice-free cracker that is not just seasonal anymore. It is available year-round but still can be hard to find. As Passover approaches, however, stores such as Sunset Foods, Whole Foods, and Jewel should carry it. If you have trouble finding it, we will keep enough at our office for pick up or to have shipped.