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March 26, 2012
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Next Up for Heart Prevention: 
Test for Telomere Length.


Bonnie and Steve: Every cell in the body has chromosomes with telomeres, which are shortened over time and also through lifestyle choices such as smoking and obesity. Researchers have long speculated that the shortening of telomeres increases the risk of heart attack and early death. Now a large-scale population study involving nearly 20,000 people over 19 years shows that there is a direct link, and has given physicians a future way to test the cellular health of a person.


A team of researchers isolated each individual's DNA to analyze their specific telomere length - a measurement of cellular aging. If the telomere length was short, the risk of heart attack and early death was increased by 50 and 25 percent, respectively.


Future studies will have to reveal the actual molecular mechanism by which the short telomere length causes heart attacks. Does one cause the other or is the telomere length and the coronary event both indicative of a third, yet unknown, mechanism. 


The other exciting development of this study is that general practitioners may soon conduct simple blood tests to reveal a person's telomere length and thereby the cellular wear and age.


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Why NCI Well Connect?
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