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April 13, 2009

Soy & Red Meat: Pros & Cons
Are Red Yeast Rice and  Resveratrol the Real Deal?

Dear Valued Client,

I have received numerous inquiries regarding my opinion on resveratrol and red yeast rice. I hope the following will clarify my position.

You may have seen the media reports about an independent lab  that found several multivitamin brands contained more or less of certain nutrients, and one with a high lead level. We are pleased to announce that of the brands we recommend, every one was found to be safe and met label claim.

Enjoy, Bonnie

Soy & Red Meat: Pros & Cons

Soy and red meat are two of the most heavily scrutinized food staples for good reason.

The following sheds light on why they are so controversial, how we can optimize their benefits, and avoid their risks.

Soy & Red Meat: Pros and Cons

Are Resveratrol & Red Yeast Rice the Real Deal?

Resveratrol, a chemical compound found in wine, grapes, and to a lesser degree, peanuts, has been hailed as the next cure-all for every disease known to man. We say, "let's not get ahead of ourselves."

To date, there is insufficient reliable evidence about its effectiveness. Studies have only been performed on animals. So the question is: when resveratrol is isolated as a natural supplement or synthetic drug, will it still be effective?

Resveratrol is a weak phytoestrogen, so supplementing in high concentrations is not advised for anyone who has had hormonal cancer or has it in their family history.

We feel Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is far superior to Resveratrol and has mountains of positive data for it effectiveness on just about every organ system.

Is Resveratrol the real deal? The jury is still out. If you want a fix, stick with wine and grapes.

Red Yeast Rice
There is no doubt that Red Yeast Rice lowers cholesterol. However, many fail to realize that Red Yeast Rice is the natural form of statin medication, so one can be stricken with similar side effects and contraindications with other medication.

Red Yeast Rice is rice fermented with Monascus purpureus yeast. A major issue is quality control. There are few brands of Red Yeast Rice and most come from China, which have been found to contain synthetic substances that are not printed on the label. In addition, Red Yeast Rice that is not fermented properly may contain citrinin, a toxin that could cause kidney failure.

Many clients have asked why we do not carry Red Yeast Rice. The answer is three-fold.

1) We have not found a product that we feel 100% confident about in terms of quality (NOW and Nordic Naturals would be the closest).

2) We believe that with most clients, we can balance lipid levels without using Red Yeast Rice.

3) Red Yeast Rice should be only be used under the supervision of a physician with frequent monitoring of liver enzymes.

Is Red Yeast Rice the real deal? Yes, but at what cost? It should be viewed as a last resort before going to synthetic statin medication. If you take Red Yeast Rice, supplement with a minimum of 100 mg. CoQ10.

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