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SPECIAL REPORT - 4/17/2007
-- Part II: First Priority in Preventing Chronic Disease.
-- Part I: "New Research" Offers Upper Hand in Preventing Chronic Disease.
-- Legislative Update.
-- April Sale - 20% OFF.
-- Stress April for Stress.
-- Warning Signs of Good Health :)
-- Nutritional Concepts Named Best Small Company.


Part II: First Priority in Preventing Chronic Disease.
 "Chronic illness may be postponed by changes in lifestyle, and it has been shown that the physiologic and psychologic markers of aging may be modified. Thus, the average age at first infirmity can be raised, thereby making the morbidity curve more rectangular." New England Journal of Medicine, 1980.

How prophetic. Unfortunately, chronic illness has become more prevalent since 1980 as our lifestyle choices have worsened. Now that the medical community is making a concerted effort to advocate lifestyle management as the first line therapy for chronic illness, insulin/blood sugar prevention should be priority number one.

Read about our 5 preventative steps.

Epigenetics Part II: First Priority in Preventing Chronic Disease

Part I: "New Research" Offers Upper Hand in Preventing Chronic Disease.
 Talk show host Charlie Rose recently had a panel of top US Aging Researchers discussing their revolutionary studies on chronic disease prevention and slowing down the aging process.

All we were thinking while watching was, what's all the fuss about? This isn't exactly groundbreaking. However, it is exciting to see that conventional medicine may finally be turning the corner. Read the following to see how many of you are already ahead of the game!

Using Epigenetics to Prevent Chronic Disease.

Legislative Update.
 Rimonabant (Acomplia), created by Sanofi/Aventis, is a Cardio/Metabolic Syndrome/Smoking Cessation drug that we believe will be approved this year. It is to be reviewed on July 27th after two long postponements.

It is another "blocker," which may be a cause for concern. The latest published clinical trial with rimonabant, showed that in 3040 patients treated for two years showed a reduction in weight, waist circumference, triglycerides, and in the percentage of patients with metabolic syndrome, as well as an increase in HDL levels, compared to placebo.

However, there are several factors that you should be made aware of:
1) Disturbingly, 50% of patients in both the rimonabant and placebo groups (and patients did not know which group they were in) dropped out before the study was finished.
2) To maintain favorable results, chronic therapy with rimonabant - which will be a very expensive drug - appears necessary.
3) While the weight loss and reduction in waist circumference were statistically significant as compared to placebo, they were not of impressive magnitude. The average weight loss over 2 years was about 15 pounds, and the average reduction in waist size was 2 - 4 inches.
4) About 6% of patients on rimonabant reported anxiety, and 5% reported feeling depressed. Shortly after market introduction in Europe, press reports and independent studies suggest that side effects occur stronger and more commonly than shown by the manufacturer in clinical studies.
5) The reports of severe depression are deemed to result from the drug being active in the central nervous system, an area of human physiology so complex that drug effects are highly difficult to determine reliably.
6) The reported development of previously clinically silent multiple sclerosis in one patient taking Rimonabant suggests that any patients with an underlying neurological condition should take extreme caution before taking Rimonabant, given the neuroprotective role of the cannabinoid system in many experimental paradigms of neurological disease.
7) No long-term effects are known or have been studied.


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Stress April for Stress.
 April is Stress Awareness Month. While the majority of us are aware that we have stress, make sure you are taking steps to minimize it! Recent research outcomes related to stress:
  • Periods of high emotional stress can cause or worsen acne not because of excess sebum production, but inflammation.

  • The centers of the brain responsible for learning, memory and emotion play a key role in putting the heart under strain in times of stress. Signals from these areas can destabilize the cardiac muscle of someone who already has heart disease. This can trigger potentially fatal abnormalities in the heart's rhythms. It has long been known that stress triggers increased activity in the heart. It had been thought that this was due to signals from more primitive areas of the brain. Recent results showed the activity in these 'higher level' regions of the brain.

The better we manage our stress, the better we can send happy signals to our genes!


Warning Signs of Good Health :)
  1. Persistent sense of humor.
  2. Chronic positive expectations.
  3. Episodic outbreaks of joyful, happy experiences.
  4. Sense of spiritual involvement.
  5. Tendency to adopt well to changing conditions.
  6. Rapid response to and recovery from stress and repeated challenges.
  7. Increase appetite for physical activity.
  8. Tendency to identify and communicate feelings.
  9. Repeated episodes of gratitude and generosity.
  10. Continuing presence of support network.

Courtesy of Delicious Living Magazine


Nutritional Concepts Named Best Small Company.
workmomlogo We are truly touched by all the congratulatory messages we have received. It is wonderful to have such passionate and supportive clients! Sincerely, Bonnie, Steve, and staff at Nutritional Concepts

If you missed our mid-March email, Working Mother Magazine announced in their April issue that Nutritional Concepts, Inc. is a 2007 Working Mother Best Small Company.

Launched in 2006, the Working Mother Best Small Companies initiative honors businesses with between five and 100 employees that are using innovative combinations of traditional and creative benefits to improve work/life balance.

Founded in 1979, Working Mother magazine reaches nearly 3 million readers and is the only national magazine for career-committed mothers.

Read Working Mother's Press Release.

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