NCI Well Connect Mid-Week Brief
April 8, 2015
Dear Steve, 

Did you know that consistent use of topical lavender and tea tree oil may disrupt male hormones, especially in boys? Please use discretion when using these oils and do not practice daily use in boys unless authorized by a licensed health professional.

If anyone missed last week's piece on Natural Acne Relief, please go to this link.
A Less Obvious Way to Raise Your Vitamin D Level
Bonnie: In the April issue of Cancer, Causes, and Control, a first-of-its-kind study discovered that more active individuals have higher vitamin D serum levels.

The authors stated that adding as little as 10 minutes per day of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity was associated with a noticeable increase in vitamin D levels. Interestingly, it made no difference whether the physical activity was indoors or outdoors.

Just another great reason to stay active!
Study: Reducing Screen Time in Kids Virtually Impossible
Steve: A grim study from BMC Public Health concluded that it is impossible to limit screen based media use to two hours per day or less. This we agree with. Media devices are too intertwined in the everyday lives of children and young adults. The study's authors state that this will have catastrophic consequences on the health of future generations if public health experts do not find ways to use kids' screen use to their advantage.

As disappointing as this may sound, there are numerous ways in which screen time can be managed and used more wisely. Two main tenets:
  1. Screen-Free Mealtimes. This should be a slam dunk. I cannot believe it when I see kids at home or at restaurants with their faces glued to their screens and not engaging with family and friends. Screen-free mealtimes not only allow your children to chew, taste, and enjoy food more, it allows the family to engage and discover what is going on in each others lives!
  2. Stand During Screen Time. We have been trying to spread the word to school administrators that kids should stand more often. In fact, standing during class time should be essential. While this transition may take decades, you can implement your own policy at home. When your kids are doing homework, watching You Tube, or simply group chatting with friends, tell them to stand up and do it!

These are only two of a multitude of ways to make screen time healthier for you and your family. A friend and colleague, Dr. Jodi Gold, wrote a book called Screen-Smart Parenting, which has helpful information, backed by research, for all age groups. I'd love to hear how you find ways to manage screen time!

What Should I Do If I Get the Shingles?
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