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-Facial Aging More than Skin Deep.
-Diabetes Testimonial.
-Red Wine Drug Study Halted.
-Blood Pressure and Lifestyle.

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Facial Aging More Than Skin Deep.
Let's make one thing clear. We are not facial skin care experts and will never claim to be. However, we came across two extremely interesting, non-product-related, techniques that could inexpensively assist with making the face more vivacious and less aged.

Facial Aging More Than Skin Deep.

Diabetes Testimonial.
"Dear Bonnie,

I just wanted to say, thank you for the very best Mother's Day gift a Mother could get.

My son Bill has done so well with your guidance, that I thought you should know what fantastic results he has had following your advice.
His latest checkup yesterday was so wonderful. He has been improving with each visit, so much so that he is now off all meds! Yes, he is out of diabetic range and has been so for several months. He was cautioned to be very strict with his diet and exercise, which he will continue as before. Also, his last eye checkup has continued to improve with each visit.

Both physicians have told us they have never seen results like this and that none of their patients follow through like this. So I am sure, this is very encouraging for a doctor to see what is possible when one decides to vote for "life".

Several of my email friends have asked if they could share Billy's information and here is the reply I sent to them. Please do share the hope and possibilities that come with:
  1. Find a conservative physician.
  2. Finding one of the very best nutritionists. You cannot chart these waters alone.
  3. Make a life decision in favor of yourself.
  4. Sticking to all the rules for a proper diet no matter where you eat; at home or out.
  5. And a biggie, stop eating and drinking what will kill you and know what those items are.
  6. Read labels on everything and arm yourself with education as to what is real food and what isn't.
It is a very zen philosophy. It's called "Doing the Do".

Thanks again and again, Joan"

Red Wine Drug Study Halted.
I hope an important lesson was learned regarding the difference between pharmaceuticals and natural substances. Last week, GlaxoSmithKline suspended a trial utilizing a proprietary formula of the phytochemical resveratrol, a component in red wine believed to show great promise. The cause for the suspension was "unexpected safety events."

In this example of trying to "chemicalize nature," Big Pharma has discovered, yet again, when you isolate chemicals to make them synthetic, the results can be undesirable.

Red wine and its phytochemical resveratrol may have beneficial properties in their natural state, but as we have stated in the past, they are certainly not for everybody, and the data on their efficacy is not established yet.

For millennia, our bodies have harmoniously evolved with plants and plant substances. When synthesized into something that our epigenetic pathways do not recognize, you have situations such as the Glaxo trial, especially when researching sick individuals.

Blood Pressure and Lifestyle.
In our May 3rd newsletter, we presented five tips to reduce your salt intake.

The following details a study from U.S. Pharmacist exploring the link between Blood Pressure and Lifestyle
. It may seem funny coming from a pharmacy journal, but from a preventative standpoint, the data is extremely informative and validating.

Blood Pressure and Lifestyle

Have a happy, healthy day.

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