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Spring Cleaning With a Cleanse and Detox.
Many see cleansing and detoxification as an essential part of healthy living. The basic premise is that the body accumulates more toxins in the modern world than its natural detoxification system -- the skin, liver, kidneys and lungs -- can get rid of. One way to get rid of the overload is to detox. The concept has become enormously popular, and with that popularity brings myriad products, many that are worthless, loaded with allergens, and even dangerous.

While we have always perceived detox as an "oil-change," not a 120-point inspection, we have a long history of working with clients to incorporate smart, gentle detoxification methods that are successful, yet exert very little stress on the body.

One of the worst things that you can do are long-term food-less fasts (i.e., Master Cleanse). Your body needs specific nutrients to be able to perform detoxification. Many foods naturally detoxify. Along with several nutrients, our Smart Detox 2-Week Action Plan (and for vegetarians/vegans, Smart Cleanse), incorporates these detoxifying foods in an easy-to-follow menu.

Colon Cleanse
If you choose colonics for colon cleansing, we suggest doing them only once or twice per year max. Always make sure to take a probiotic to repopulate with healthy flora. Vitamin C Lavage can definitely do the trick as well. The cells in the colon soak up the vitamin C to increase healing and vitality. If desired, we can provide you with a complementary copy of this protocol. We do not suggest any other colon cleanser products.

Sweating is a wonderful, natural way of getting rid of toxins. Exercise mildly detoxifies. A more intense tool would be far infrared sauna treatments. Three to ten sessions are recommended.

Year-Round Management
We recommend doing cleanse/detoxification protocols one to three times per year.

There are several, simple ways to help reduce your exposure to toxic overload on a daily basis:
  • Buy organic when possible. Start with fruits, vegetables, and animal products that ordinarily would be the most pesticide-soaked.
  • Clean green. Chemicals like bleach and ammonia can be irritating to the skin, and inhaling them can be dangerous. Our Safe Household Products list is a great place to start.
  • You expose yourself to pesticides when you apply them to your lawn or garden and track them into your home on clothing and shoes. Reducing or eliminating your use of pesticides will lower your exposure.
  • Regularly replace the filters in your air-conditioning and heating units to keep inside air clean.
For more ideas, refer to Solutions for Reducing Your Toxic Load and Calculating Your Toxic Load.

Have a happy, healthy day.

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