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Healthy Lifestyles on the Decline.
According to two large scale studies that appear in this month's American Journal of Medicine, only a small portion of adults ages 40-74 follow a healthy lifestyle.

The studies' criteria:
  • Exercise at least twelve times monthly
  • Eat five or more fruits and vegetables daily
  • Maintain a healthy weight (BMI of 30 or less)
  • Mild alcohol use
  • No smoking
The researchers claim that over eighteen years, the number of Americans that adhere to all five healthy lifestyle habits decreased from 15 percent to 8 percent.

Public Health Professional's Worst Nightmare
As a public health educator, I hate to see results like this. It creates immeasurable frustration. However, if you deconstruct our society over the last twenty years, can we really be surprised?

Exercise. We spend more time in our cars because of urban sprawl and longer work commutes. When do we walk anymore? Urban Planners have made it very difficult. Physical activity in schools have been curtailed if not completely eliminated. Longer work days impedes time for exercise. These are just a few examples.

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption. American cash crops are corn, wheat, soy, and rice. They receive almost one hundred percent of USDA subsidies. What incentive do farmers have to grow fruits and vegetables? In the last few years, the locavore movement has made a small dent. Monsanto has an answer for this. If their legislation flowing through Congress passes (under the disguise of food safety), only seeds sold through biotechs would be allowed.

Maintaining Weight. How can Americans maintain their weight when food has become more processed, portions have doubled, and the USDA Dietary Guidelines mirror our cash crops (along with milk and sugar)? Fast food dominates. Big Food and The National Restaurant Association own Congress. Parents are coming up short in their effort to instill the core ideals to improve their children's eating habits in order to maintain healthy weight.

Mild Alcohol Use. The researchers state that moderate alcohol use is on the rise, and with the amount of daily stressors, this is not surprising.

No Smoking. While the researchers claim that the percentage of smokers has remained unchanged, which is astonishing considering all of the effort that has gone into smoking cessation, at least there has been great improvement in minimizing exposure to second hand smoke. 

Defying These Numbers
I cannot imagine clients who are more dedicated to healthy lifestyles than ours. While it is easier to follow a healthy lifestyle than it was eighteen years ago, the daily struggles are still vast. I would venture to say that the percentage of our clients, as well as subscribers of this eNewsletter, who meet the healthy lifestyle criteria, is much higher than eight percent. We encourage you to take a second of your time to participate in our informal poll. As always, we appreciate your input.

Healthy Lifestyle Poll

Let's show the rest of the country it's possible!

Have a happy, healthy day.

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