Nutritional Concepts
eNewsletter June 17,2008

The Importance of
Stress Management.
Dear Valued Client,

These days, we have to be especially cognizant of stress. Next to diet and exercise, it is the most important lifestyle factor for optimal health. Diet and exercise harmonize our stressor signals. In turn, reduced stress increases the likelihood of adherence to healthy, long-term diet and exercise. Just as you have a specific dietary and exercise plan tailored to your individual needs, you must also have a stress management plan. Bonnie

Address Stress

Stress infiltrates every aspect of daily life. You cannot stop it, you can only hope to contain it. When we are stressed out, we tend to reach for things that comfort us, such as eating junk food and assuming the couch potato position. Fight these urges.

Develop a diet and exercise plan for your individual needs.

Most of you that subscribe to our eNewsletter have already accomplished or are continually striving to achieve optimal diet and exercise. Without it, you do not have much of a chance to manage stress. Exercise is a valuable mood enhancer and has been well-researched for its effectiveness in preventing depression. Just make sure you don't overdo it. An optimal diet and nutrient regimen is essential for regulating gut, neurologic, endocrine (thryoid/adrenal/hormonal), cellular, and epignenetic health, all of which modulate stressor signals that create inflammation.

Seek out stress management techniques that fit your lifestyle.
Here are some ideas that we have found helpful through self-exploration as well as from client testimonials. Feel free to email us techniques that that help you.

-Assess Quality of Life
-Attitude (worrywarts are more prone to memory problems)
-Breathe (deep breathing several times daily)
-Commuter Stress (reduce it)
-Control only the things you can control
-Epsom Salt Baths (magnesium is "nature's valium")

-Family (focus on it)
-Hobby (find one)
-Meditation or other mind relaxation techniques
-Read a book
-Reduce Toxic Load
-Rejuvenating Room (get away from the world for one hour)
-Simplify Life
-Slow eating (take time to chew and savor your food)
-Spa Treatments
-Sunshine (15 minutes daily without sunscreen)
-Tai Chi
-Tea (drinking tea helps reduce stress)
-Workplace Stress (reduce it)

Like we always say, if you have the knowledge, the drive, and the know-how, if you "fall off the wagon," you can always get back on.

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