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July 13, 2009

The Misbehaving Gut.
Making Sense of Painkillers.

Dear Valued Client,

Acetaminophen: Recent recommendations made to the FDA about limiting the dosage in acetaminophen products have been a long time coming. See my comments below.

The Misbehaving Gut: For many clients who came to me with a misbehaving gut, they now realize how crucial it is to get the gut in line. Otherwise, it can create a lifetime of problems. Please see our piece below for the latest in gut health.

Mosquito Bite Tip: Applying peppermint essential oil topically to mosquito bites greatly reduces itching and inflammation. An alternative for those who choose not to use Benadryl or Caladryl.

Have a happy, healthy day. Bonnie

The Misbehaving Gut.

Using the analogy of a misbehaving child, your gut will misbehave when you give in to its every whim. If you shower your gut with riches, it may eventually become spoiled.

You need to know what buttons to push to keep your gut in line. You have to pay attention to your gut so you know what it likes and what it does not.

Similar to a parent/child relationship, your gut takes it cues from the host, and will exhibit symptoms accordingly. And last, perpetually ignoring a problem with band-aid therapies will stunt the gut's ability to be independent.

Enough of the analogies. Now for the data.

The Misbehaving Gut.

Making Sense of Acetaminophen.

I have seen many clients with high liver enzymes and liver damage directly related to acetaminophen mismanagement. The FDA's recommendations are well-founded for the reasons explained in the following piece.

By no means does this absolve NSAIDs. They have their own set of issues.

Making Sense of Acetaminophen.

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