NCI Well Connect Mid-Week Brief
July 15, 2015
Dear Steve, 

DID YOU KNOW that researchers from the University of California carried out a study looking at the potential for local croplands to meet US food demand and concluded was that there is an unexpectedly large current potential for meeting as much as 90% of the national food demand?

YOUTH SUMMER WELLNESS CHECKUPS. Don't let summer pass without scheduling a wellness visit for your kids. Doctor checkups are a necessity. Why not wellness?
Lifestyle Factors Linked to Youthful Looks
Bonnie: We all know that lifestyle has been proven to have a dramatic effect on the risk of age-related diseases. The association of lifestyle and facial aging has been less well studied.


In this month's British Journal of Dermatology, researchers published results looking at the lifestyle, facial wrinkling, and perceived facial age of men and women aged 45-75 years. Self-reported sleep, alcohol intake, oral care, skincare, sun exposure, sunbed use and smoking with perceived facial age were taken into account. Diet was not a consideration.


In men, smoking, having skin that went red in the sun, being outside in the sun most of the summer, sunbed use, wearing false teeth and not flossing teeth were all significantly associated with a 10-year higher perceived facial age.


In women, smoking, sunbathing, sunbed use, irregular skin moisturization, few remaining teeth and a very low body mass index were associated with an 11-year higher perceived facial age.

Part Two: Toxins in the Environment and What Can We Do About It
This series is available to NCI Well Connect Members.

Twinlab Backorder Update
Due to a raw material shortage that has created a production backlog, Twinlab announced they will not be available until mid-August. Many of you are on the backorder list. Contact us by phone or email if you want to be added to the list.

We spent an inordinate amount of time finding the ideal replacements if interested:
  1. Twinlab Allergy Multicaps: replace with Klaire VitaSpectrum (one capsule VitaSpectrum equals one capsule Allergy Multicaps)
  2. Twinlab Daily One Caps Without Iron: replace with Pure Encaps Multi t/d (one capsule Multi t/d equals one capsule Daily One)

We apologize for the inconvenience. We certainly understand this is a frustrating situation. We will be carrying these replacements long-term if you do not wish to go back to Twinlab when it comes back in stock.

Alka Support Has Arrived!
At long last, our replacement for Integrative Therapeutics Alka Aid will be arriving today!

Our foray into custom formulations has brought us Alka Support, the first product from our private label, NCI Well Supplements.

Alka Support is the same exact formula as the old Alka Aid.

Alka Support is a sodium and potassium bicarbonate tablet for relief of a sour stomach. It also supports the digestive tract during the weaning process from reflux medication.

While prescription and OTC reflux meds block stomach acid, creating a host of side effects, including the malabsorption of critical nutrients such as B-vitamins and magnesium, sodium and potassium bicarbonate, the ingredients in Alka Support, do not block stomach acid. Sodium and potassium bicarbonate temporarily alkalize the stomach, but does not adversely affect long-term acid/alkaline balance.
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  4. Free 15 Minute Wellness Coaching Sessions on topics such as Immune System, Detox, Shedding Weight, Food Cravings and Food Addiction, or those of your own choosing.

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