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Food Intolerance: 
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August 26, 2013
Dear Valued Subscriber,   


Did you know that prenatal and postnatal probiotics may reduce IgE levels in infants and protect against sensitization to hereditary allergies, according to an upcoming study in PediatricsResearchers found that the effect of probiotics on IgE levels was significant among children 2 years old and older. You may have heard of the probiotic strain used in the study: Lactobacillus Acidophilus.


HIGHLIGHTS INSIDE: One woman's horror story with GMO corn. For Well Connect Subscribers: The sweetness spectrum; warning for those with a gas stove. 


Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky


4 Exciting, Noninvasive Cancer Breakthroughs

Extinguish Cancer's Voracious Appetite for Sugar
A new way to target a breast cancer cells' appetite for over-indulging in sugar could provide an alternative treatment for chemotherapy resistant breast cancer. 

The treatment, being developed by Breast Cancer Campaign scientists at the University of Southampton, exploits a novel link between sugar processing in the cells and their growth and division.
The approach targets the active cancer cells and not normal cells, reducing the risk of side effects that affect thousands of women undergoing treatment. Chemicals called cyclic peptide inhibitors can stop 'sweet toothed' cancer cells from growing and multiplying by blocking proteins in the cells called CtBPs (C-terminal binding proteins). A key feature of cancer cells is they gorge on sugar from the blood, greedily processing it as a fuel supply which triggers CtBPs to bind together, forming pairs known as dimers that enable cells to grow and multiply out of control.
Steve: This is so exciting. However, knowing for decades that cancer cells thrive on sugar, why was there not a bigger push by cancer foundations and public health educators to tell us to avoid added sugars as much as possible?

Drown Oral Cancer in Oil
Omega-3 fatty acids, contained in oily fish, selectively inhibit growth and induce cell death in early and late-stage oral and skin cancers, according to new research from scientists at Queen Mary, University of London.

In vitro tests showed omega-3 fatty acids induced cell death in malignant and pre-malignant cells at doses which did not affect normal cells, suggesting they have the potential to be used in both the treatment and prevention of certain skin and oral cancers.

Steve: the scientists stated that "those at an increased risk of such cancers -- or their recurrence -- could benefit from increased omega-3 fatty acids."

A new study from Journal of Clinical Nursing has found that breastfeeding for more than six months may safeguard nonsmoking mothers against breast cancer. Analysis revealed that women who underwent childbirth and who breastfed were diagnosed with breast cancer at a later age, regardless of the patients' family history of cancer. Nonsmokers who breastfed for periods of longer than six months tended to be diagnosed with breast cancer much later in life-an average of 10 years later than nonsmokers who breastfed for a shorter period. In contrast, female smokers were diagnosed with breast cancer at a younger age and obtained no significant benefit from a longer period of breastfeeding.

Eat These Foods
Celery, artichokes, and herbs, especially Mexican oregano, all contain apigenin and luteolin, flavonoids that kill human pancreatic cancer cells in the lab by inhibiting an important enzyme, according to two new University of Illinois studies.

The scientists found that apigenin led to a decrease in the production of anti-apoptotic genes in the pancreatic cancer cells. Apoptosis means that the cancer cell self-destructs because its DNA has been damaged.

In one of the cancer cell lines, the percentage of cells undergoing apoptosis went from 8.4 percent in cells that had not been treated with the flavonoid to 43.8 percent in cells that had been treated with a 50-micromolar dose. In this case, no chemotherapy drug had been added.

Treatment with the flavonoid also modified gene expression.

Bonnie: Pancreatic cancer patients would probably not be able to eat enough flavonoid-rich foods to raise blood plasma levels of the flavonoid to an effective level. And prevention of this frightening disease is another story. If you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables throughout your life, you'll have chronic exposure to these bioactive flavonoids, which would certainly help to reduce the risk of cancer.
Of course, the scientists never mentioned antioxidant supplements, but they must be considered for cancer prevention.


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eNewsThis week's topics:
NCI Well Connect (Subscription Only)
Why NCI Well Connect?
Why NCI Well Connect?

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NCI Well Connect is your weekly nutritionist and wellness companion. 


This Week's Topics Are:

  • Alcohol Triggers Sweet Response.
  • Did You Know? Supplements
  • The Sweetness Spectrum
  • Does Facebook Make You Happier?
  • GF Premium Pizza Crust
  • Hi Tech Salad Spinner
  • Hi Protein Hemp Hearts
  • Warning for Those With a Gas Range.
  • Dealing With Loneliness.
  • Do Prayers Help the Prayer?
  • eInspire

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Ice Chips Xylitol Mints

icechips2It has been difficult for many of you since Xylichew gum went out of production. We think we have found a wonderful product for you.

We are recommending and stocking at our office the sugar-free candy Ice Chips.
While not gum, these little mints taste delicious and are made with corn-free xylitol. We are stocking the flavors Berry Mix, Lemon, Peppermint, and Licorice. 
Not only are they non-glycemic, they can help prevent dental caries. The one caveat: you have to eat them in moderation (four chips daily) because xylitol has a laxative effect. Enjoy.