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August 8, 2011
Dear Valued Subscriber,
Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky
Top Memory Support Nutrients.
There may not be a single health issue people fear more than memory loss and cognition dysfunction. What's even scarier is that with billions spent on research, there is still no cure. At least the medical community has come around to thinking that diet and lifestyle plays the most crucial part for prevention. While we have focused on diet and lifestyle many times on this blog, we have not listed what we believe are the top nutrients for memory and cognition.

Top Memory Support Nutrients.  


Care's Corner
backtoschool11 Back to School Care's Way.
In this issue, Carolyn reveals diet, lifestyle, emotional, and fashion tips to make the hottest back to school splash!

Featuring food and lifestyle consultant Carolyn Martinelli. Feel free to email her suggestions for future segments.

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NCI Well Connect (subscription only)
NCI Well ConnectThis week's Well Connect topics are:
  • Well Connect Feature:
    Digestive Disorders Part 2:
    IBD, Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis     
  • Wild Card:
    What We Can Learn From Plants. 
  • Brand Buzz:
    -Sunflower Butter Cups
    -Probiotic Hummus                  
  • Green Lifestyle:
    Is Your Metal Water Bottle BPA-Free?        
  • Shrewd Shopper:
    Researching Healthcare Costs.    
  • Steve's Studies:
    Optimizing School Performance.  
  • eNews Updates
    -This Kills 97 Percent of Hospital Bacteria.
    -This Prevents Formation of Neuroblastoma Cells. 
In the current health care paradigm, it is paramount that we practice "self-care". NCI Well Connect is your self-care wellness companion. Staying connected to real-time nutrition and lifestyle developments enhances the motivation to maintain your optimal wellness plan . 

**By subscribing to NCI Well Connect, in addition to the multitude of wellness topics covered in our eNewsletter, you have access to our entire library of Action Plans and Natural Foods Shopping List. The total value of these items exceeds the subscription price. Click here for a list of our Action Plans titles.

The cost for a one year subscription (42 issues) is ninety-nine dollars ($2.35 per week). For more info, email Steve at, 847-509-1336, or to review a sample issue, please click here.


Order NCI Well Connect Today. 
August Sale - 20% OFF
Twinlab Allergy Fighters
Long-standing complex for allergy symptom support.

Twinlab Daily One Caps
Foundational one-a-day multivitamin/mineral.

Integrative Therapeutics Alka-Aid
Sodium and potassium bicarbonate in a tablet for fast acting relief of sour stomach. We use as natural alternative for GERD/reflux. Helps keep pH in check.

In a recent study, bicarb slowed the rate of decline in kidney function by two-thirds, and just 6.5% of patients treated with bicarb needed dialysis compared to 33% in control group.

Extracellular space (area outside the cell) of cancer cells is slightly acidic, and the degree of acidity tends to correlate with tumor aggressiveness. Decreasing tumor acidity with bicarb increases pH of without upsetting pH of blood and healthy tissue.

Order Here.
eNews Updates.
eNewsThis week's topics:
Dr. Schuster's Well Tips - New!
drliloschuster Essential Oils.
My name is Dr. Liselotte Schuster. I have worked with Bonnie Minsky at Nutritional Concepts for over twenty years. Each month, I offer wellness tips from a Chiropractor's perspective. Feel free to email me topics to consider for future segments.

Many people comment how wonderful it smells when they walk into our office. This often comes from aroma of the essential oils that I use in my practice. Watch this months video as I reveal the blends of oils that you too can create in your own home.


Click Dr. Schuster's Picture for This Month's Segment.