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August 9, 2010
Dear Valued Subscriber,

Three vaccines posts, regarding efficacy, safety and allergy, can be found at our blog. Bonnie and Steve

What Makes Your Body Tick.
 Ticking away inside almost all cells are tiny clocks composed of protein gears. Scientists have known that these molecular clocks govern the daily rhythms of life, from mealtimes and bedtimes to the rise and fall of hormone levels, body temperature and blood pressure. New research shows that circadian clocks are known to do more than just control day-to-day schedules. Here's how:

What Makes Your Body Tick.

NCI Insider
This week's topics:
  • Better Sleep: Week Four
  • eNews: Our Take on Consumer Reports' "Dirty Dozen Supplements."
  • Steve's Studies: 5 of Our Probiotics Appear in Prestigious Journal.
  • Brand Buzz: Top 10 Beef Brands
  • Shrewd Shopper: Incredible Deal on Salmon.
  • Wild Card: Ragweed Pollen Foods: Remove and Replace
  • Sensible Vanity: This Substance Keeps the Dentist Away.
  • eInspire Quote of the Week
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Have a happy, healthy day

Bonnie, Steve, and the staff at Nutritional Concepts Inc.

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Brand Buzz
Brand Buzz Video 3-10
High Plains Bison
Hosted by Food Consultant Carolyn Martinelli and produced by Steve Minsky. Once a month, we recommend a Bonnie-approved foodstuff, explain why we like it, and let you know where you can get it. If you visit the office, on occasion, we may even have free samples.

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