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September 12, 2011
Dear Valued Subscriber,
Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky.
Path to Lower Colorectal Cancer Risk
colon Folate
People who eat plenty of folate had a lower risk of colon and rectal cancers in a new study that examined the effects of folic acid fortification in the United States. In addition, the study did not find any extra cancer-related danger at very high levels of folate -- as some researchers have worried -- over close to a decade. Researchers were able to calculate how much folate they got on a typical day before and after fortification started. For the next ten years or so, they tracked cancer registries to see which participants were diagnosed with colorectal cancer. They found a total of about 7,200 cases in their original sample, including about 6,500 that were diagnosed after the start of the fortification program. People who ate the highest amount of folate each day (at least 900 micrograms post-fortification) were 30 percent less likely to get colorectal cancer than those who got less than 200 micrograms each day, the researchers reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Vitamin D
Both higher vitamin D intake and higher blood levels of the vitamin's active form are linked to lower risk of colon and rectal cancers. In studies that included more than 10,000 people, colon cancer risk was as much as 33 percent lower in subjects with the highest blood levels of vitamin D compared to those with the lowest levels, researchers report in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Those with the highest intake of vitamin D through supplements and food had 12 percent lower risk than those with the lowest intakes. It is believed that up to 58 percent of U.S. adults and adolescents may have vitamin D deficiency.

Care's Corner
slimmer2 Slim Your Clothes.
Featuring food and lifestyle consultant Carolyn Martinelli. Care is privy to fashion secrets that can make you look slimmer than your friends, even though you are the same size! Feel free to email her suggestions for future segments.

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eNews Updates.
eNewsThis week's topics:
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Ecological Formulas Monolaurin 300 & 600 mg
Lauric acid is a coconut ester with natural immune supporting properties against viral and some bacterial infections.

Nutribiotic 250 mg. Capsules & 125 mg. Tablets
Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is a long-standing, powerful natural antimicrobial and antifungal.

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NCI Well Connect (subscription only).
NCI Well ConnectThis week's Well Connect topics are:
  • New Developments for Celiac Disease.
  • Miracle Food for Osteoporosis.
  • Did You Know? Andrographis
  • New Internet Organic Food Site
  • Gluten-Free Buckwheat Pancake Mix
  • Deep Moisture Stick
  • Prostate Update.
  • Itch, Scratch, Pain?
  • These Thwart Effects of High Fat Meal.
  • These Dinner Plates Are Special.
  • This Helps Hand Stiffness.
  • One Issue With Flavanoids. 

In the current health care paradigm, it is paramount that we practice "self-care". But how can we ascertain what is truth or fiction? NCI Well Connect does the work for you as your self-care wellness filter. Staying connected to real-time nutrition and lifestyle developments, based upon sound research, motivates you to adhere to your optimal wellness plan.


In addition to the eNewsletter, subscribing to NCI Well Connect allows you access to our entire library of Action Plans and Natural Foods Shopping List. The total value of these items exceeds the subscription price. Click here for a list of our Action Plans titles.

The cost for a one year subscription (42 issues) is ninety-nine dollars ($2.35 per week). For more info, email Steve at, 847-509-1336, or review a sample issue.


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Dr. Schuster's Well Tips
drliloschuster Blood Tests.
My name is Dr. Liselotte Schuster. I have worked with Bonnie Minsky at Nutritional Concepts for over twenty years. Each month, I offer wellness tips from a Chiropractor's perspective. Feel free to email me topics to consider for future segments.

Our office offers many different tests to evaluate your overall health.  We typically recommend a comprehensive blood analysis for an initial consultation and for follow up visits if need be.  Your Medical Doctor can order these tests or our office works with a lab in Northbrook (NICL) to offer a comprehensive profile of a Chem Screen, CBC, Sed Rate, CRP, Ferritin, Thyroid, Vit D and Urinalysis.  Here is Dr. Schuster's brief explanation of this comprehensive analysis.


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suncupsSun Cups are  devastatingly delicious gluten-free treats for those who cannot have peanut butter cups or desire a healthier alternative.

All organic ingredients with dark chocolate and sunflower seed butter.


Until they are widely available in stores, we will be carrying them. 


Dark Chocolate Sun Cups. 


Get Seasonal Affective Disorder?
Improve Your Mood Action Plan Can Help.

actionplanIn addition to Improve Your Mood Action Plan, we have recently published the following:


Kidney Stone Action Plan 

Reverse Reflux Action Plan  


Click here to peruse our entire library. Action Plans can be purchased or are available free to NCI Well Connect subscribers, upon request.