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-- Top 10 Places for Prepared Food - Bonnie Approved.
-- From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Chronically Feeling Super.
-- Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?
-- September MAG Sale - 20% OFF.
-- Pain Awareness Month.
-- Recipes du Jour.
-- September Announcements.
-- Fall Allergy Season Is Here.
-- Ensure That Your Child Eats Smart.
-- Back to College Survival Tips.
-- If you missed it: August Highlights.

Dear Valued Client

At the beginning of each month, we like to keep you informed about what's new with Bonnie Minsky & Nutritional Concepts. As always, have a happy, healthy day! Nutritional Concepts is a 2007 Working Mother Best Small Company.

Top 10 Places for Prepared Food - Bonnie Approved.
 In an ever-growing world of convenience foods, there are unfortunately few players we can endorse. However, we were able to come up with a short list (some of which are local only to Chicagoland) that meets our standards. Most have multiple locations. They are listed alphabetically:
  1. Chipotle Grill
  2. Foodstuffs
  3. Fox & Obel
  4. Garden Fresh Market
  5. Goddess & Grocer
  6. Sunset Foods
  7. Trader Joes
  8. Treasure Island
  9. Whole Foods
  10. Wild Oats

If you have other suggestions, we'd love to hear them at


From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Chronically Feeling Super.
 Did you know that one in 40 adults ages 18-59 have symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Learn about 7 little-known triggers of CFS and what you can do to suppress this often misdiagnosed disease from our brand new, nine page Action Plan (take a Sneak Peek).

While most experts will tell you that CFS cannot be suppressed, we think otherwise. If you suspect that you have CFS, our Action Plan includes a symptom report form that you can fill out. Get From Chronic Fatigue to Chronically Feeling Super through Click & Buy or email us if you wish to access it another way.

From CFS to CFS Action Plan.

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?
 With fall approaching, for those in northern, cooler climates, a sufficient vitamin D level is important for mood and immunity.

You can test your blood vitamin D level through your physician or answer these questions:
  1. Are you under 50?
  2. Do you drink a milk/milk substitute fortified with vitamin D?
  3. Do you take a vitamin/mineral supplement that contains vitamin D3 (not D2)?
  4. Do you eat vitamin D-fortified food daily (i.e., orange juice, cereal, salmon, five vegetable servings)?
  5. Do you get 15 minutes of sunshine five times weekly without sunscreen?

If you answered no to three of the five questions, you may not be getting enough vitamin D, the "sunshine vitamin."

Contact us for the brand and source of vitamin D that would be right for you.

Latest study on vitamin D.

September MAG Sale - 20% OFF.
mag Metagenics Mag Glycinate 120 & 240 tablets
One of Bonnie's Chronic Fatigue-suppressing stalwarts. It's broad-spectrum importance for such a wide variety of organ functions makes it a must for most.

Pure Encaps Mag Glycinate 180 capsules
For those who have an easier time taking capsules.

UAS Labs DDS-100 Acidophilus DF w/FOS 100 capsules
This oldie but goodie is back in our good graces. The well-tolerated, low-dose acidophilus is back from suspension after meeting label claim. UAS reformulated the product which now boasts double the potency and is a veggie cap. It still is free of dairy, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, harmful binders and preservatives.

Order here

Pain Awareness Month.
 September is a good time to address the cause(s) of your pain. The band-aid approach to pain management only postpones the problem, it will not correct it. Whether by self-help (Pain Relief Diet, The Rejuvenating Room, or the use of Epigenetic Modulators) or having a consultation with Bonnie, priority #1 for addressing pain must begin with diet and lifestyle change.

Pain medicine use has nearly doubled.

Recipes du Jour.
recipe2 Once a month, we highlight a recipe from our database or from you. We welcome entries by email to

Mediterranean Chicken-Vegetable Soup

-1 c. chopped red onion
-2 whole boneless, skinless organic chicken breasts, cubed
-2 T. chopped fresh parsley
-2 T. extra virgin olive oil
-3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
-2 c. shredded savoy cabbage
-1 c. green beans
- c. diced celery
-1 c. canned navy beans, or Great Northern beans, drained and rinsed
-1 c. canned tomatoes, optional
-1 c. diced zucchini
-6 c. organic chicken broth, add more as desired
-2 c. water
-1 c. shredded fresh spinach or kale
-grated parmesan or sheep romano cheese to taste, optional

Directions: Saute onion, garlic, and cubed chicken in olive oil over medium-high heat. Add cabbage and parsley and cook until softened. Transfer to soup pot. Add beans, celery, navy beans, zucchini, broth, and water. Simmer for 30 minutes over low heat. Keep lid on to preserve flavor and to avoid losing nutrients in the steam. Add spinach or kale and cook on low heat for another minute. Ladle into bowls and serve immediately or refrigerate/freeze for later. Grated parmesan or sheep romano cheese, if desired. SERVES: 4

Note: any like ingredient can be replaced if allergic or intolerant.

For more delectable recipes, view our Spa Recipes.

September Announcements.
announce -Would you like to know what vaccines, drugs, and biologic compounds still contain mercury additives? The FDA lists them at this website.

-An absolute must read comes from the 2006-2007 report from the President's Cancer Panel. It is the one of the most blatant indictments of our country's approach to health in years.

-Many of you asked us to come up with a short list of Calming Epigenetic Modulators:
  • Omega 3 Fish Oil (Cod Liver Oil as the preferred source)
  • Olive Oil and Nuts/Seeds
  • Phytochemicals (from fruits & vegetables; in particular, cruciferous fare, such as broccoli)
  • Vitamin D (sunlight, Cod Liver Oil, vitamin D3 supplement)
  • Metagenics Kaprex (pain pathway)
  • Metagenics Insinase (insulin pathway)
-We had two clients reveal their mosquito-repelling remedies after we unveiled our formula last month:
1) 1/2 part Skin-so-Soft and 1/2 part alcohol
2) Burt's Bees bug repellant

-Kaempferol, a flavanoid found in spinach and some cabbages, was associated with a 40 percent reduced risk of ovarian cancer in subjects from the prestigious Nurse's Health Study who had the highest intake. In addition, a 34 percent reduction for ovarian cancer was found in women with the highest intake of luteolin (found in many citrus fruits) compared to those with the lowest intake.

Bonnie & Steve's Blog

Fall Allergy Season Is Here.
 We are at the height of fall allergy season. Eating certain foods can make your airborne allergies much worse! It is called a cross-reaction.

If you are grass pollen allergic, avoid orange, peanut, and tomato.
If you are ragweed pollen allergic, avoid banana, cantaloupe, chamomile, cucumber, honeydew, pumpkin, squash, watermelon, other melons and gourds.
If you are mold allergic, avoid aged cheeses, peanuts, mushrooms, truffles, and yeasty breads/baked goods.

If your symptoms are mainly sinus-related, Neti-Pots or saline spray 1-2x daily can be very helpful.

If you suspect that you may have food intolerances that compound your allergies, ask us about the Biotrition Cytotoxic Food Test that screens over 200 foods, spices, and food chemicals with one blood draw.

Food Allergy Handbook.

Ensure That Your Child Eats Smart.
 In another "Back-to-School" installment, you can utilize these tips for the new school year:
  • Eliminate sweetened drinks.
  • Curtail fast food consumption.
  • Avoid low-fat, fat-free, and diet products.
  • Offer your children smaller portions.
  • Take charge of what you kinds of foods you feed your kids at home.
  • Keep junk food out of the house.
  • Don't watch television during meals.
  • Shop for REAL food.
  • Choose low glycemic load foods.
  • Protein, protein, protein!
  • Fat is crucial for your child's diet.

Diet Foods May Promote Child Obesity.

Back to College Survival Tips.
 College is not conducive to wellness, period. Limited budgets, low-grade food options, late-night eating, sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, excess carbohydrate consumption in the form of liquid calories (a.k.a. alcohol), less than exemplary hygiene, and close proximity to thousands of others like you make for an unwell environment.

Research shows that the average college student gains four pounds in their first semester and five to fifteen pounds during a full year. Not all is lost.

Use these suggestions to survive.

If you missed it: August Highlights.
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