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What is Your Exercise Regimen Lacking?
Whether you are a hard-core athlete, exercise for good health, or are just getting started, welcome to Sports Nutrition, Optimized. The Action Plan focuses on ways to optimize your level of physical activity through sound nutritional techniques. Includes:
  • Before, during, and after exercise tips.
  • Best and worst brands of sports drinks, energy bars, caffeine/energy drinks, and super nutrients.
  • Exercising to lose weight.
  • Benefits of physical activity.
  • Applicable for young children, teens, adults, older adults, and elite athletes of all ages.
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Natural Thyroid Medication Shortage.
For the multitude of our clients who take natural, desiccated thyroid medication with great success, we are giving you forewarning that it may be difficult to refill your prescriptions. There is a nationwide shortage of raw material used to produce the medications because Food and Drug Administration pressure has put all but two manufacturers out of business.

While natural thyroid (from porcine) has been prescribed safely and effectively for decades, the FDA has asked the manufacturers to submit new drug applications (NDAs). Because the cost of the application process is so prohibitive, most manufacturers chose to close down.

Forest (Armour) and RLC (Nature-Throid) say they will have adequate supply in 90 days. Don't bet on it. The end result is that you will be forced to take synthetic thyroid for the rest of your life, unless you stand up for yourself.

If you are having trouble getting your prescriptions refilled, contact a compound pharmacist and ask them to make a special formula for you. Hopefully, they will still be allowed to perform this service.

If you would like to voice your displeasure over how these safe, efficacious medications are being eradicated, join the Save Natural Thyroid Group or contact your government representatives.

Should Checking Vitamin D3 Levels Be Included as Part of the Worldwide Flu Prevention Plan?
We think it absolutely should be. Recent data supports it as well. According to an 8/31 report in Endocrine Practice, which reviewed studies from 1948-2009, "the clinical significance of maintaining vitamin D sufficiency becomes more apparent. Several studies build on existing research in vitamin D immunology, which demonstrates a likely connection among vitamin D repletion, susceptibility to infection, and clinical outcomes in a variety of infectious processes. The strongest evidence supports vitamin D therapy for tuberculosis, influenza, and viral upper respiratory tract illnesses. Adequate vitamin D status (serum 25-OHD level greater than 30 to 32) may decrease all-cause infection rates in the population."

Need we say more? One other note: the study also mentions Cod Liver Oil being widely used as an effective treatment and preventative for tuberculosis in the 1930s. That is, until the introduction of antiinfective chemotherapy in the 1950s.

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