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SPECIAL REPORT - 10/15/2006
-- Kicking the Sugar Habit.
-- Holiday Wellness Tour.
-- October Sale.
-- Acupuncture shows promise for hot flashes.
-- Aging Gracefully.
-- Fall is Upon us. Ramp Up the Immune System.


Kicking the Sugar Habit.
Dear Valued Client.

Many of you are well aware of the devastating effect sugar has on your health. However, for those of you who need a refresher, or need to get back on the wagon, I thought the month of Halloween would be as good a time as any to help you help kick the sugar habit.

Sugar is one of the major contributors to disease and aging. Sugar creates inflammation, which contributes to many chronic and acute disease. Sugar feeds cancerous cells. Sugar supresses the immune system. Sugar creates emotional ebbs and flows by effecting blood sugar adversely. Sugar promotes weight gain. Sugar feeds yeast.

So why do we crave it so much? Just two teaspoons of sugar (the equivalent of 4 ounces of most soft drinks) consumed without nutrient dense foods will cause the pancreas to oversecrete insulin, resulting in a drop in blood glucose and the depletion of valuable vitamins and minerals. The way most of us treat the symptoms of low blood glucose levels is by eating more sugar. Thus, we set the stage for riding a roller coaster of physical, mental, and emotional highs and lows. This problem is worse for most children naturally than for adults because children have more erratic blood glucose levels.

Here are some foundational tools to help ameliorate your sugar cravings.

1. Eat healthy, lean proteins every five hours (i.e. three meals daily). Also, a snack between meals of a lean protein or healthy fat (such as nuts/seeds, nut butters, and avocado) should help if the sugar problem is severe. This will reduce cravings because protein does the opposite by creating satiety. This was recently reported in last month's American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

2. Avoid sugar substitutes except stevia extract. Splenda, Nutrasweet, etc. can make sugar cravings worse!

3. Supplementing with magnesium (250-400 mg. divided throughout the day) helps to regulate blood sugar. Seventy-five percent of all people living in the United States are deficient. Nuts/seeds and avocado are good natural sources of magnesium. Supplemental magnesium, unless in a glycinate form, can create intestinal disturbance in some people. The Metagenics or Pure Encaps brands we have used for years are very easy on the gi tract.

4. Do not skip meals! This creates metabolism imbalance and increased cravings. This is why many of you who skip breakfast overeat at lunch and dinner.

5. Eliminate added sugar. Even sugar in your coffee or tea increases your cravings.

6. Focus on consuming foods with the low glycemic index/load. Refer to our Blood Sugar Balance Action Plan for a list.

When you attempt to eliminate sugar, many feel withdrawal symptoms, especially if yeast is an issue. Some experts believe that kicking sugar can be just as difficult as kicking a drug or alcohol habit.

By implementng the above, it should definitely make things easier.

Have a happy, healthy day.


Blood Sugar Balance Action Plan

Holiday Wellness Tour.
Already stressed out about preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hanukkah? Let us help you make your holiday preparation less stressful and much healthier! On Monday Evening, November 6th at Sunset Foods Northbrook, Bonnie Minsky and her associates Carolyn Martinelli and Elana Ostrovsky will conduct a shopping tour and follow-up discussion to help make your holidays bountiful!

Space is limited so the earlier you sign up, the better. The event is $50.00 (take-home materials included). Highlights include: Recipes, Menu Ideas, Brand Awareness, Stress-Reducing and Organizational Tips, and of course, answers to any questions you might have. Reply to this email or contact us at 847-498-3422 to pre-register for this once-a-year event!


October Sale.
15% OFF Metagenics Cal Apatite!
  • Cal Apatite 90 & 270 tablets
  • Cal Apatite with boron 90 & 270 tablets
  • Cal Apatite Plus 270 tablets
  • Cal Apatite Forte 90 caps

15% OFF Twinlab Allergy Fighters 60 caps!

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Acupuncture shows promise for hot flashes.
In a recent study that appeared in journal Fertility & Sterility, women who received acupunture began to have fewer and less severe symptoms during the night as opposed to those receiving the "sham" version of acupuncture.

Our Chiropractor, Dr. Lilo Schuster, is certified to perform acupunture and has done so successfully for many years. You can reach her at 847-509-9067.


Aging Gracefully.
In case you missed this on our October Email Update, Bonnie spoke recently at the 25th Annual National Conference of Gerontological Nurse Practitioners. Nutrition in the elderly is usually an afterthought. Treating nutritional deficiency in the elderly and taking preventative steps in middle-age are crucial to aging gracefully.

We have summarized Bonnie's presentation in the following piece. Feel free to forward to friends and family. Enjoy!

Aging Gracefully and the Importance of Geriatric Nutrition

Fall is Upon us. Ramp Up the Immune System.
October brings in the chill as well as infection! Optimize your immune system with the following nutrients:
  • Zinc Sulfate (liquid)
  • Cod Liver Oil
  • Vitamin C (low acid/allergy)
  • Monolaurin
  • Nutribiotic (Grapefruit Seed Extract)
  • Schedule an appointment for an immune-boosting diet!

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Immune Boosting Nutrients

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