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Nutritional Concepts Mid-Week Brief
October 22, 2014
Dear Valued Subscriber,

Did you know why we are so drawn to the taste of fat? It is not considered an official taste. It is the mouthfeel that we are drawn to, mostly by the trigeminal nerve, which can relay pleasure to the brain.


Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky

Time for an Immune System Reboot

We are constantly assaulted by substances that weaken our immune systems. Sometimes, we only have ourselves to blame with our lifestyle choices.


During fall and winter, we need to be on heightened alert to repel infection and prevent sickness. This is hard to accomplish when our immune systems are compromised. We could all use an Immune System Reboot!

Five simple steps to get your immune system going again. It only takes 15 minutes in-office or by phone.

  1. Free to current NCI Well Connect subscribers
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  3. $25 for non-Well Connect subscribers

Call 847-498-3422 or email to schedule your reboot!


Does Your Yogurt Make the Grade?

Steve: The Cornucopia Institute has come out with an impressive yogurt scorecard. They evaluated 114 products and rated them by the number of spoons (1 being the lowest rated and 5 being the highest rated).


If you eat yogurt, I suggest you go the following link.


Cornucopia Yogurt Buyer's Guide


Why Do Supplement Prices Vary so Widely?

Steve: A client recently asked this question.


There are several reasons why supplement prices vary widely. Much of it has to do with the quality of raw materials and other ingredients. 


The level of quality control also plays a big part. For example, Metagenics spares no expense in assuring quality control, and some of that cost is passed along to the patient. We have always felt that this safeguard is worth the expense.


However, the biggest reason that price varies so widely is that there are numerous levels of bioavailablity in dietary supplements. In short, this means how efficacious the supplement source is.


For example, there are 10 different source grades of...the rest of this piece can be accessed by NCI Well Connect subscribers.