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November 14, 2012
Dear Valued Subscriber,

Whether you are preparing Thanksgiving or bringing food to someone else's house, here are helpful links to make yours a healthier holiday

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-Pilgrim Snacks: Then and Now-


Have a happy, healthy day. Bonnie and Steve Minsky


Heartburn Is Not Always Reflux.


Steve and Bonnie: This week, Melinda Beck of the Wall Street Journal wrote a column about heartburn stating how "in many people, heartburn may be caused by something other than acid reflux. But gastroenterologists are often stumped as to what it is and how to treat it." All we can say is, hooray to Melinda for pointing out the obvious!


Millions of people have been put on acid blocking drugs unnecessarily with sometimes devastating consequences without ever getting to the root of the cause. For the 44% of Americans who have heartburn once a month and 7% who have it daily, you have a right to know what the cause is. If your gastro cannot help, go to another health professionals who can.


A great place to start is watching the wonderful presentation Carolyn Martinelli recently shared with us entitled What Every Gastroenterologist Should Know.


Refuse to accept new diagnoses for heartburn such as NERD (Non-Erosive Reflux Disease) and Functional Heartburn. These are only new excuses for not getting the root of the cause.


Beck mentions psychological stress as a possible cause, which it certainly can be on its own, or by making another cause worse. Then, she finally states the obvious: food. As progressive gastroenterologists will tell you, there is no reason to treat heartburn until you first rule out food intolerances, or sometimes called food triggers. We categorically concur.


For self-help assistance with heartburn, you can purchase our Reverse Reflux Action Plan or make an appointment with Bonnie. Well Connect subscribers may email us for your complimentary copy. 


The Perils of Corn.


Steve: It's not enough that we have to be concerned about corn byproducts appearing in almost every processed food.


It's not enough that the number of those with corn intolerances have skyrocketed over the last three decades.


It's not enough that we have to worry about the unknown, long-term consequences of genetically modified corn, which accounts for most of the yearly US harvest.


Now we have another issue: Aflatoxin. If you thought that Aflatoxin was an issue restricted to peanuts, you were wrong. Quality problems with the U.S. corn harvest due to aflatoxin, which can cause liver disease and is considered carcinogenic in humans, are raising costs and threatening livestock. 


Aflatoxin is associated with a mold that thrives in hot and dry conditions, and it emerged in unusually high levels in the heart of the Corn Belt this autumn after the worst drought in half a century. To combat this, corn processors have been forced to import "clean corn" from other states and countries not affected by fungus.


Corn processors say they do not use the contaminated crop for food or livestock, but do not destroy it either. So where does it end up? I have not been able to get a straight answer. Stay tuned.


EASY Holiday Support Solutions


What should be one of the most fulfilling times of the year often becomes the most stressful. Bonnie created 5 EASY Support Solutions to assure that your holiday season is the happiest and healthiest it can be. 


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