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November Email Update
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-- Happy 25th Birthday, Hostess Cupcake!
-- Thanksgiving Tips.
-- CDC Alarmed by Rate of Arthritis.
-- November Sale!
-- Holiday Wellness Tour.
-- Product Alert - Benefiber.
-- Bonnie Appears on CNBC's "Morning Call."
-- Home for the Holidays?


Dear Valued Client

At the beginning of each month, we like to keep you informed about what's new with Bonnie Minsky & Nutritional Concepts. We take your comments seriously. Please let us know how we can make our newsletter better. As always, have a happy, healthy day!

Happy 25th Birthday, Hostess Cupcake!
Cupcake For 25 years, Bonnie has used this cupcake to exhibit the disgusting staying power of trans fat. As you can tell, it is still in "pristine form." The label says "Best Used by March 19, 1981." The ingredients are real except for artificial flavor and partially hydrogenated oil.

Nutritional Concepts has always been an ardent supporting of banning trans fat. They have no place in our food supply. With New York and Chicago recently proposing trans fat bans, we decided it was time to throw our cupcake into the ring as a sobering symbol.

According to results published last month from Harvard's Nurse's Health Study (41,518 women), every increase of one percentage point in the portion of calories from trans fats translated to a two-pound weight gain over eight years. For example, a woman who was consuming 6% of calories from trans fat would be 12 pounds heavier after eight years than someone eating none. In addition to weight gain, trans fats are linked to heart disease.

Food companies are allowed to print "no trans-fats" on their products even if they contain 0.5%. This is not good enough. What's worse? Eating establishments do not have to list the amount of trans fat in their food. This is a huge problem.

We are considering donating our cupcake to a museum or contacting the Guiness Book of World Records. We would love to hear your ideas.

We encourage you to forward this picture to let others know about trans fat!

Read a recent New York Post piece on the cupcake.

Hostess with the Mostest Truly a Repulsive Relic

Thanksgiving Tips.
Thanksgiving -Purchase meat or poultry that is free range or organic, hormone and antibiotic-free.

-Use real ingredients. Read labels. Avoid productsts that contain preservatives, added sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, monosodium glutamate or its derivatives, trans fats, nitrates/nitrites, etc.

-Alcohol is loaded with calories. Minimize your intake or substitute with sparkling water or club soda (an added benefit is feeling more full with water so you won’t eat as much).

-Exercise a bit more leading up to and after Thanksgiving to burn more calories.

-Don’t obsess about avoiding food during Thanksgiving. If you restrict yourself too much, you’ll either be depressed or “pig out” later!

Thanksgiving Recipes

CDC Alarmed by Rate of Arthritis.
More than 20% of U.S. adults have arthritis and more than a third have limited activity because of it. Excess weight is considered the main culprit. Women are also more likely to have arthritis.

Bonnie considers diet to be a main trigger of chronic pain. Removing those specific food triggers can make a huge impact in reducing pain. Additionally, a deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids can also create pain. Bonnie prefers supplementing with Cod Liver Oil, because in addition to the omega-3's, it contains bioavailable vitamin D.

For more information on reducing chronic pain, set up an appointment, or for self-help, read:

The Pain Relief Diet

November Sale!
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Holiday Wellness Tour.
Because of a scheduling conflict, the Holiday Wellness Tour has been postponed until further notice. Future date TBA.


Product Alert - Benefiber.
In the past, Bonnie has recommended Benefiber as a safe fiber source. We recently learned that the manufacturer has changed the ingredients from hydrolyzed guar gum (safe) to wheat dextrin. Bonnie no longer recommends Benefiber.

If you still have the old formula, you can finish it. If you have the new formula, please discard and replace it with 2-4 T. organic pulverized flaxseed (always try this first), Citrucel, or Fibercon.


Bonnie Appears on CNBC's "Morning Call."
Congrats Bonnie! Your wise and forceful comments on removing trans fats from the food supply made a strong impression on the show's viewers. Keep up the good work!


Home for the Holidays?
Your kids are back from college. Family is in town. Young children are on winter break. What better time for them to get a jump on wellness for 2007?

Book a wellness evaluation for your loved ones today.

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