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Nutritional Concepts Mid-Week Brief
December 24, 2014
Dear Valued Subscriber,

Did you know that a study in American Journal of Epidemiology indicates that coffee consumption is associated with lower risk of all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality?

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Have a happy, healthy holiday. Bonnie and Steve Minsky

Microbiome, Meet Virome
new study reveals that eukaryotic viruses are able to both shape mucosal immunity and support intestinal homeostasis in mice. Specifically, infection with norovirus appears able to replace the beneficial function of bacterial colonization in the gut.


Scientists have long known that viruses are commonly found in healthy infants and children, as well as in individuals recovering from acute gastroenteritis. Such viral infections have generally been assumed to be detrimental to the host. The new study from Nature turns that assumption on its head and hints that these viruses may play a role similar to that of the bacterial microbiome. The investigators do not yet know how the virus supports the immune system.


The new findings are the first strong evidence that viruses in the gastrointestinal tract can help maintain health and heal a damaged gut. Before this study, there had been very little investigation of the viruses that colonize the gut.


Bonnie: People get infected all the time with viruses and bacteria, and they don't get sick. Now we have scientific evidence that not every viral infection is bad, but may actually be beneficial to health, just as we know that many bacterial infections (part of our microbiome) are good for maintaining health. The new results suggest that the previously overlooked gut virome may be as important as the gut microbiome.


We house so many viruses and bacteria in our gut. When we are overloaded with from outside exposure, or more likely from stressed immune function, that is often the reason why we get sick.


This is why I love science, especially in relation to nutrition. We are always learn more!


The Natural Effect
Medication Updates

Steve: There were no major food recalls or issues with supplements to report. There was, however, a lot of new information on medications, many of them of the blockbuster variety.


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