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Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin

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December 23, 2013
Dear Valued Subscriber,  


Did you know that in a stunning new study from British Medical Journal, researchers found that in adults over 50 prescribed either a statin drug or apple per day had virtually the same reduction in vascular-related death (12%)? Hmm. How did the media miss this one?


Did you know that among middle-school children, the behaviors most often linked with obesity are school lunch consumption and two hours or more of daily TV viewing, according to a new study in Pediatrics?


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Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky


"Case Closed" on Multivitamins. Really?

Bonnie and Steve: We have to laugh. Have they not gotten the memo? Over 70% of the country takes supplements. Whether they were recommended based upon individual need by a licensed professional, or self-prescribed, the consumer has spoken. Supplements are here to stay. So for one researcher from a new Annals of Internal Medicine editorial to exclaim "the case closed on vitamins," is laughable.


Meta Analysis: That Dirty Word

The Annals editorial was based upon a meta analysis of past research and two new studies showing no improvement in heart disease and cognitive function that was performed on older subjects. Those in the heart study already had heart disease. The participants were taking Centrum Silver, which we have always said is awful and the artificial colors, flavors, and fillers negate the nutrient benefits anyway.


The meta analysis was hand-picked to fail as usual. As evidenced in some of the media quotes, some committee members were at odds over the studies used and did not agree with the editorial's conclusion.


Multivitamins Do Not Cure By Themselves.

Who has ever said that multivitamins alone can prevent or cure chronic disease without optimal diet and exercise? Supplements are what they say they are...supplements. They are the nutrient foundation to fill in the cracks where diet cannot. An older person with chronic disease who does nothing to their lifestyle except take a multivitamin is not going to show measurable improvement.


Researchers and Doctors Pan Supplements but Secretly Take Them.

Survey after survey find that almost 90% of doctors take supplements. They pan supplements because can they know they can get worldwide headlines. Even one of the Annals researchers, who claimed that "taking supplements is throwing money down the drain," admitted that he takes them himself because he has cancer family history and the data is compelling enough.


Incredible Research on Supplements Usually Ignored.

You read this newsletter weekly. You see the prodigious amount of positive research that comes out on supplements. After reading the following, would the public not benefit greatly if they knew of this research? Of course they would, but they rarely ever see it.  


Calcium + Vitamin D

An update of a long-term follow-up of the calcium and vitamin D supplementation trial in the Women's Health Initiative appeared in theJournal of Women's Health.


In this large trial, more than 36,000 postmenopausal women aged 50-79 years were randomly assigned to treatment with a combination of calcium at a dose of 1000 mg elemental calcium plus vitamin D3 400 IU daily, or placebo. Women received treatment for an average of 7 years. This follow-up took place an average of 5 years after intervention, for a total follow-up of about 12 years.


Women who were taking taking the supplements versus placebo showed a significant 29% reduction in the risk for hip fracture. In addition, with the follow-up at 12 years, a significant 13% reduction in vertebral fracture emerged in the active treatment group. And already reported was the significant improvement in bone mineral density of the hip for those receiving active treatment vs placebo, as measured by DEXA scan.


We now have 3 lines of evidence of benefit for calcium plus vitamin D supplementation!


Also shown in the report is that with longer-term follow-up, a 13% overall reduction in breast cancer emerged. In terms of all cancers, among the women who had low baseline intake of vitamin D, there was a 9% reduction in total cancer with supplementation than placebo, and 9% reduction in all-cause mortality.


Vitamin D Alone

Vitamin D doses closer to 1000 IU per day may be needed to lessen bone loss in postmenopausal women, says a new study from Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. Bone loss over 12 months significantly decreased in women receiving a daily 1000 IU dose. The study also contends that the desirable level of vitamin D in the blood should be at least 75.


Vitamin B12

Older men who have low levels of vitamin B12 have a higher risk of having bone fractures. These are the findings of an international researcher project initiated by the National Institutes of Health. For men with an average age of 75, the risk of suffering a fracture six years later was 70 percent higher among men who had the lowest B12 levels at the beginning of the study than men with normal B12 levels. Steve: How can men raise their vitamin B12 levels to normal? Certainly not just through food. Taking vitamin B12 supplements is an absolute must.


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Corn-Free People: Xylichew Gum is Back!

xylichew2No, this is not a figment of your imagination. A thoughtful manufacturer named Nature's Stance finally bought the brand and will keep the ingredients (birch bark, not corn xylitol) the same!


Here is what is available to order now:


Peppermint Jars (60 pieces)
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Here is what will be available sometime in December:
Like with any xylitol product, eat in moderation (four to six pieces daily max) due to its laxative effect.