NCI Well Connect: January 25, 2016
Dear Steve, 

I have wanted to share something with you for four months. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, I could not speak about it until now. Many of you know what I am talking about. I appreciate your willingness to indulge me as I feel it critically important to clear my name.

On a mid-September evening after meeting my husband for dinner after work, I was driving home in a violent rainstorm. All of a sudden, I was pulled over by police, arrested, and charged with multiple violations, including a hit and run accident and driving under the influence.

Of course, I was stunned because I did not hit any car and was not inebriated. Regrettably, I was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I have dedicated my life to helping people. I would never jeopardize that ideal through such an act of cowardice.

Many of you read about my situation in the local media or heard it through the grapevine. I am speaking of it now because my reputation as a wife, mother, and health professional was tarnished. I felt embarrassed, humiliated, and every other emotion you can imagine. Publicizing my arrest in the media before innocence or guilt was determined took its toll on me.

I am truly humbled by those of you who reached out to me in support.

I vehemently defended my innocence every step of the way and am elated to say that the truth won out. Every charge against me was dropped, my case was thrown out of court, and any record of the unfortunate incident was totally expunged from public record.

In addition, the judge admonished law enforcement for their poor judgement, lying under oath, and overly aggressive treatment.

I now understand more than most that every day, people end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Please come away from this knowing that, at least in my case, if you fight for what you believe in, the truth can win out in the end.

Sincerely, Bonnie

DID YOU KNOW that two consecutive nights of extended sleep, a typical weekend occurrence, appears to counteract the increased risk of diabetes associated with short-term sleep restriction during the work week, at least in lean, healthy, young men?

The study, which appeared in the January issue of Diabetes Care, specified that the men were following a healthy, low glycemic load eating style.

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Have a happy, healthy day. Steve and Bonnie
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Steve Minsky
From Editor Steve Minsky
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Bonnie and Steve: Now that we have analyzed a large sample size, it is time we discuss with you the importance of testing your COMT gene (pictured at the far right of this image).

COMT is one of the eight genes included in our 23andMe/Pure Genomics methylation screening. 

While all the genes in our panel are important, we have found that especially for women, allowing the COMT to function optimally is crucial for prevention of numerous maladies, including mental and emotional disorders, estrogen-related cancers, autoimmune disorders, and several types of arthritis.

In almost every panel we have seen so far, clients with a homozygous COMT (in which they received one genetic deficiency from each parent) originally came in to see us for one or more debilitating issues.

Here's the good news. Many of these clients who have been doing the ideal dietary, lifestyle, and nutrient regime for their individual needs are doing great. They no longer exhibit the symptoms associated with the negative expression of COMT.

We want to reiterate that the genes we screen for in the methylation cycle are all modifiable with the right diet, nutrients, and lifestyle.

Screening for COMT is not only important for yourself, but for your family as well.

Further details of the COMT gene and its association with disease, meds, and more is available for NCI Well Connect Members in the Wild Card segment of this issue.
Bonnie and Steve: If one or more of these boxes are yellow or red, then you have genetic deficiencies that may impair your ability to break down and move toxins from your body. You can prevent impairment with diet and nutrient modification.

The graphic is an example of what our clients receive when screening their methylation cycles. The results have nothing been short of incredible.

Derived from your raw genomic data provided by the genetics company 23andMe, the results reaffirm why many clients have been so vigilant about managing their diets and lifestyles. For others, the results are providing that final push to reach their goals.

Why the Methylation Cycle? Why Now?
It was one of the major nutritional conundrums which had evaded us for years. We tried to cover all bases to help your methylation cycle, the most important pathway for detoxification of chemicals, hormones, and other unwanted environmental byproducts, but we did not have the entire map at our disposal. Now, we can pinpoint exactly if and where your cycle is impaired and fix it.

Methylation impairment can contribute to carcinogenesis, body mass gain, autoimmune disorders, to name a few.

All it Take Is a Few Simple Steps:
  1. Pay to have your genetic kit sent to your home from the lab 23andMe. You can get the test for $179 instead of $199 at this link because of your relationship with us. We have no financial interest in 23andMe.
  2. When you receive your genetic kit, follow the instructions to prepare your sample (saliva sample) and send back to 23andMe via the US Postal Service.
  3. 23andMe will email you when your results are complete.
  4. Go to your personal page and look in two areas depending on the state of your results: 1) Click "Tools" link, scroll down to "Browse Your Data", and click the word download. Download the file to your computer and email us the file. 2) Click your name at the top right, click "Browse Raw Data," click the download button, and find the raw data file on your computer. Attach the file and email it to us.
  5. When we get your raw data file, we will upload it into our methylation database and contact you when the results are complete to make an appointment.
Why Is This Such an Incredible Opportunity?
  • In addition to the methylation data that we analyze, 23andMe maps your entire genome. This is crucial if we offer further genetic analysis on other bodily functions or for other health care providers who may require your genetic info.
  • You only need your genome mapped once!
  • 23andMe provides you with information about your ancestry. We do not delve into this aspect of your genetic results. It is completely private to you.
  • Knowing your disease carrier status, traits, and wellness genetics (like lactose intolerance) is invaluable to you and your health professionals. 23andMe has many more test in the offing as the research becomes more available.
  • Many of you have heard us refer to the MTHFR genetic mutation for pregnancy, neurological function, and detoxification. MTHFR is included in the panel, as well as every other major gene associated with the methylation pathway.
Why Did We Decide to Finally Use Genetic Testing?
  • While we feel that much of the information about the humane genome is "not ready for prime time," we feel extremely confident that the genes associated with the methylation pathway have more than enough clinical data. The pharmaceutical industry has done most of the work for us by putting billions of dollars into researching genetics and methylation so they can find out who can best metabolize and avoid side effects from their drugs!
  • As better research comes along, having your genetic information allows us to contact you when, for instance, a genetic bone health panel comes along. How can you beat that service?
Putting Your Methylation Results Into Action
Going over the results should only take about 15 minutes. This is free for NCI Well Connect Members. For non-Well Connect members, the fee is $45.

To start the process, just go to 23andMe and click on the link:
Far Infrared Sauna Therapy
It is always the right time to experience Far Infrared Sauna Therapy.


Aside from the fact that you are taking one hour out of your busy lives to relax, Far Infrared Therapy offers numerous therapeutic benefits, most importantly enhanced detoxification. Many clients use it to relieve painful joints, rev up metabolism, and remove buildup of heavy metals.


A recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine found that increased frequency of sauna bathing reduced the risk of sudden cardiac death, coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and all-cause mortality.

Contact us to schedule a session.

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23andMe, Pure Genomics Methylation Cycle Evaluation

One of the perks of being a NCI Well Connect Member is that you have two free 15 minute wellness coaching sessions. 


The perk comes in handy when you've gotten your 23andMe raw genetic data and want us to analyze your methylation cycle.


To schedule your free appointment with Steve, email or phone 847-498-3422. An appointment with Bonnie is $45.

ActionPlanAction Plan of the Month:
Fast Mimicking Diet
One of the perks of being a NCI Well Connect Member is that you can request two titles monthly from our our Action Plan Library (41 plans: total value $300). 

This comes in handy when you are eyeing a sensible, intelligent, effective eating style to aid detoxification and weight balance.

Our new Fast Mimicking Diet Action Plan is our smart version of the calorie-restricted eating plan which gerontologists have linked to longevity.

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