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Nutritional Concepts Mid-Week Brief
February 12, 2014
Dear Valued Subscriber,

Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky

Arctic 1-Day Food Fast.
Warm the Cockles Kind of Cleanse.

Much of the country has been hit by a bitter cold spell the likes we have not seen for decades. We understand it is hard to get motivated, but enough is enough!


We have come up with an easy way for you to warm up and cleanse. Even better, it is only for a day. For those of you in warmer climates, we'll let you participate as well :)


NCI Well Connect subscribers can download Arctic 1-Day Food Fast for free.


If you are not an NCI Well Connect subscriber, you can download Arctic 1-Day Food Fast for free by doing one or more of the following:

  • Place a supplement/product order via website, email, or pickup.
  • Call to make an appointment with Bonnie.
  • Subscribe to NCI Well Connect eNewsletter by website or phone.

We will then email you the Arctic 1-Day Food Fast.


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Cognitive Decline's Double Whammy.

According to a large sample of persons aged 60 years or older, metabolic syndrome may predispose to cognitive decline, especially when it occurs in conjunction with elevated C-reactive protein (CRP), new research suggests.


The findings add to the understanding of the association between neurometabolic disorders and cognition. The study was presented at the American Neurological Association 2013 Annual Meeting.


Metabolic syndrome was defined as having at least 3 of 5 traits (large waist circumference, high blood pressure, elevated glucose, elevated triglycerides, and decreased high-density lipoprotein cholesterol) associated with the disorder. Serum CRP, a marker of inflammation, was also measured.


Bonnie - The 3 metabolic syndrome traits most significantly associated with cognitive decline in the study were large waist circumference, high blood pressure, and elevated glucose, all of which are inflammatory-related disorders. C-Reactive Protein is a test to gauge the degree of inflammation in the body. Finally, cognitive decline is also an inflammatory-related disorder. Inflammation is the thread that weaves them all together.


Two new ways research suggests you can slow cognitive decline can be accessed here by NCI Well Connect subscribers.