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March 22, 2017
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DID YOU KNOW that for the 10th year in a row, our eNewsletter has been given the All Star Award by Constant Contact?

While truly a labor of love, the accolades are a direct result of your continued passion for consuming the content we provide.

Our hope is that at least once a week, something we write can motivate you to adhere, or strive, to achieve optimal health.  

DID YOU KNOW that researchers have estimated the duration of sun exposure required in order to obtain optimal doses of vitamin D?

During spring and summer, 10 to 20 minutes in the sun, without sunscreen, are enough. In winter months, almost two hours would be needed. Therefore, for the vast majority of the world population, it is difficult to achieve optimal values without supplementation.

For those with a deficiency of the GC gene, these guidelines would not apply, because the ability to transfer sun into the vitamin D hormone that is delivered into the cell, is highly compromised.

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Low Cholesterol, Low CVD = Archaic Axiom
Bonnie and Steve: A review in the March issue of Evidence-Based Medicine, a journal with an impeccable reputation, has some sobering advice for those still buying into the low cholesterol equals low cardiovascular disease hypothesis. Let's start out with the first sentence of the study, why don't we?

"The global campaign to lower cholesterol by diet and drugs has failed to thwart the developing pandemic of coronary heart disease around the world. Some experts believe this failure is due to the explosive rise in obesity and diabetes, but it is equally plausible that the cholesterol hypothesis, which posits that lowering cholesterol prevents cardiovascular disease, is incorrect."

The groundbreaking ACCELERATE study presented to cardiologists last year dumbfounded experts by failing to demonstrate any cardiovascular benefit of the new drug evacetrapib, despite dramatically lowering low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and raising high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol in high-risk patients with coronary disease. 

Cholesterol is essential for life as a key component of cell membranes, steroid hormones and bile acids. Yet, Nobel laureates Brown and Goldstein published an editorial in 1996 predicting that "Exploitation of recent breakthroughs may well end coronary disease as a major public health problem early in the next century." They based their optimism largely on 'proof of the cholesterol hypothesis' which posits that lowering serum cholesterol reduces the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). Paradoxically, CHD is now a pandemic.

While experts cite numerous trials of statins in support of the cholesterol hypothesis, they ignore the dozens of cholesterol-lowering trials that do not. In the Evidence-Based Medicine study, the author cites 44 cholesterol-lowering trials that reported no mortality benefit. Most reported no reduction in cardiovascular events, and several reported substantial harm. This lack of benefit was seen even with profound reductions in LDL cholesterol. Even when researchers demonstrate a statin mortality benefit, the findings are underwhelming. Statins only postpone death by a median of 3.1 and 4.2 DAYS for primary and secondary prevention, respectively!

Finally, consider that the cholesterol hypothesis may have inadvertently contributed to the very disease we seek to prevent. The cholesterol hypothesis risks oversimplifying the complex interaction of cholesterol, diet and coronary disease, leading many statin users to overeat with consequent obesity. Nearly 50 years ago, three Harvard researchers were paid thousands of dollars by the sugar industry to write a review in the New England Journal of Medicine emphasizing the importance of fat and cholesterol in CHD while minimizing the importance of sugar. Hence, the food industry developed and continues to promote low-cholesterol foods that are nonetheless high in sugar and refined carbohydrates. These dietary changes have likely contributed to the current epidemic of obesity and diabetes that can lead to CV disease.

It is now clear that lowering cholesterol through diet or with eight different classes of drugs does not significantly prolong life or consistently prevent CHD. Yet experts continue to proclaim the success of cholesterol lowering.

The author concludes by stating, "Clinical guidelines continue to emphasize the critical importance of cholesterol lowering to prevent CHD. Unfortunately, I believe this one-dimensional approach may have impeded the advancement of science and our search for other preventive strategies."

Diet, supplements, and lifestyle have brought cholesterol levels into the normal range for myriad clients. Unfortunately, this is only one sliver of the cardiac pie. The most important piece, inflammation, makes up half of the cardiac pie. Simply, inflammation is the driving factor in cardiovascular events and disease. Clients who bring inflammation under control with diet, supplements, and lifestyle reap not just cardiac, but a plethora of benefits to every organ system.

The sooner we as a society can move on from the "cholesterol hypothesis" to "stifling inflammation", the better off we'll be. 
Diminishing Dementia

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