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March 30, 2016
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DID YOU KNOW that men need to do things in adolescence to assure optimal bone mass later in life? Individuals who continuously participated in high-impact activities, such as jogging and tennis, during adolescence and young adulthood, had greater hip and lumbar spine bone mineral density later in life than those who did not, according to the new study from American Journal of Men's Health.

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Avoiding the Sun as Risky as Smoking
Steve: New research looks into the paradox that women who sunbathe are likely to live longer than those who avoid the sun, even though sunbathers are at an increased risk of developing skin cancer.

An analysis of 29,518 Swedish women who were followed for 20 years revealed that longer life expectancy among women with active sun exposure habits was related to a decrease in heart disease and noncancer/non-heart disease deaths, causing the relative contribution of death due to cancer to increase.

Whether the positive effect of sun exposure is mediated by vitamin D, or another mechanism related to UV radiation, was not determined. 

In this month's Journal of Internal Medicine, researchers found that smokers in the highest sun exposure group were at a similar risk as non-smokers avoiding sun exposure, indicating avoidance of sun exposure to be a risk factor of the same magnitude as smoking. Compared with those with the highest sun exposure, life expectancy for those who avoided sun dropped by 0.6 to 2.1 years. The authors state, "guidelines being too restrictive regarding sun exposure may do more harm than good for health."

Women should not overexpose themselves to sun, but underexposure is even more dangerous, as we have said for years. Our recommendation has always been to get at least 15 minutes of unencumbered sun exposure daily, if possible. Of course, this is not always an option depending on where you live. That's why you need vitamin D supplements.
One Beneficial Example Where Nanotechnology 
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Why Is This Graphic So Important?
Bonnie and Steve: If one or more of these boxes are yellow or red, then you have genetic deficiencies that may impair your ability to break down and move toxins from your body. The great thing is that you can prevent impairment with diet, lifestyle, and nutrient modification.

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