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Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin
Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin

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April 21, 2014
Dear Valued Subscriber,   


Did you know about subscription snack services? If you do, you are really in the know because it has only been in existence for about three months.
Simply, you choose which portion controlled snacks you prefer and they are delivered to your preferred location. One company charges $6 per box that includes four snacks. More on this and the companies starting the trend in Brand Buzz (NCI Well Connect content).

Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky


America's Catching On to Food Intolerance.
Huge WSJ Article Last Week.

We are big fans of Sarah Nassauer, the reporter who wrote the piece in the Wall Street Journal last week entitled, "More People Pick Elimination Diets to Discover Food Sensitivities."


The piece treats the issue fairly and interviews numerous people who have benefited from discovering and removing intolerant foods from their diet.


If you would like to read the full reprinted article at our blog, click here.


Here is our letter to Sarah after reading the piece.


"Hi Sarah.

As a nutritionist who has been working with food intolerance patients for almost 30 years, it is wonderful to see a positive media piece on the topic. It seems that we have been in the shadows for all these years. Many of my clients do not want to bring attention to themselves after eliminating foods because they are often ostracized.
Hopefully over time, the science will catch up with the multitude of Americans who feel immeasurably better when they have eliminated offending foods. The problem is that removing foods as a treatment is not sexy or profitable. Gastroenterologists are just coming around to accepting certain aspects of food intolerance, mainly because much of what they're doing is not working very well.
While my practice has become known for food intolerance screening, I firmly believe that at least 40% of the US population has at least one food intolerance that is impacting their daily lives.
Scientific validation is important. However, it really is a common sense issue. Many of the foods we eat are not genetically compatible. For those who have poor genetic predispositions, myriad maladies will eventually present themselves. When the offending foods are removed, much of the time these people feel immeasurably better. For some that we see, they are too far gone to ever feel 100 percent, but 50 percent is better than the alternative. Seems pretty easy to understand right?
And for those who claim "everything in moderation" is all you need to adhere to, have them come to our office and listen to the horror stories for those who are supposedly doing everything right, but still have debilitating IBS, skin disorders, chronic diarrhea, pain, to name a few.
One aspect of the piece I disagree with is that you can eliminate foods on your own. I have seen too many cases of clients who come in for the first time and have done undo damage to themselves because they tried the elimination diet on their own.
Otherwise, I thank you again for bringing this issue to light!"
We encourage you to email if you have benefited from discovering and removing your food intolerances. I'm sure Sarah would appreciate knowing that there many more of you out there.


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