NCI Well Connect: June 12, 2017
Dear Steve, 

DID YOU KNOW that according to a paper from Advances in Nutrition, to better handle the "silver tsunami," improving dietary resilience and better integration of nutrition in the health care system can promote healthy aging and significantly reduce the financial and societal burden?

By 2050, the number of persons aged 80 years old and over will reach 392 million, about three times the 2013 population. According to the report, an increasingly large portion of the population will be vulnerable to nutritional frailty.

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Steve Minsky
From Editor Steve Minsky
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Alcohol: Wellness Neutral, Negative, or Positive?

Bonnie and Steve: There exists copious data extolling the benefits of mild to moderate alcohol consumption. There also exists copious data extolling the negative effects of mild to moderate alcohol consumption. Like many other public health measures, over time, we go from one extreme to the other. Right now, the consensus seems to favor the downside of drinking, especially for wellness. Of course, as most things are, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Cognitive Ability
A study in this month's BMJ investigated whether moderate alcohol consumption has a favorable or adverse association, or no association, with brain structure and function. The study followed men and women average age 43 over a 30 year span.

While those consuming over 30 drinks a week were at the highest risk compared with abstainers, even those drinking moderately (14-21 drinks per week) had three times the odds of right sided brain hippocampal atrophy.

There was no protective effect of light drinking (1 to less than 7 drinks per week) over abstinence. 

Higher alcohol use was also associated with differences in corpus callosum brain microstructure and faster decline in brain lexical fluency. 

The takeaway? One drink per day will not harm you, but it also won't protect you.

Breast Cancer
If you listen to a new report issued by the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund, drinking as little as one small glass of wine or beer a day can increase the risk for breast cancer by 5% in premenopausal women and by 9% in postmenopausal women.

The report also found that vigorous exercise (such as running or fast cycling) reduced the risk for breast cancer in both pre- and postmenopausal women by 17%, and strong evidence confirmed that moderate exercise (such as walking and gardening) also decreases the risk in postmenopausal women by 13%.

The takeaway? If you exercise consistently, even if you have one drink daily, you can still lower your breast cancer risk.

Gut Microbiota
Yeesh. Not to add fuel to the fire, but a recent review from Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics showed alcohol consumption adversely alters gut microbiota and could lead to negative impacts on the liver.

They purport that alcohol may reduce gastrointestinal mobility by inducing bacterial overgrowth in the gut. Alcohol may also reduce innate immune function which may impact types of bacteria present in the gut as well.

This is the last one, we promise. A new study in Menopause is the first to link alcohol consumption with a higher prevalence of sarcopenia (loss of muscle tissue) in postmenopausal women. The prevalence of sarcopenia was found to be nearly four times greater for a high-risk, alcohol-drinking group than the low-risk group.

Don't Put That Drink Down Just Yet
Let's be the voice of reason here. First of all, alcohol consumption, and discerning whether it may have adverse effects, is completely reliant on individual needs. If there is family history of alcoholism, liver issues, neurological disorders, or problems with detoxification that are discovered from genetic analysis, then I would certainly give serious thought to abstaining from alcohol.

However, we cannot, and will not, ignore the copious research showing that mild (not moderate) alcohol consumption is perfectly fine, especially when accompanied with a Mediterranean or PaleoMediterranean style of eating.

To call alcohol consumption a wellness benefit now would probably not be the right term. To categorize alcohol as wellness neutral, in amounts of one drink or less per day, seems more apropos.
Genetic Wellness Testing & Analysis
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Bonnie and Steve:It only takes a few simple steps to get individualized genetic nutritional support. Test your genome. We translate the results in a way you can understand. We target your individualized needs with nutritional support that can be easily implemented.

Pure Genomics helps the patient with:
  1. Reaffirmation for why existing patients should continue to adhere to their optimal diet and lifestyle. Genes are the deepest layer of individualization. When a patient is doing incredibly well despite horrible genetic deficiencies, it is a strong deterrent to fall off the wagon.
  2. Creates the last thrust of motivation for a patient who is having trouble adhering to their diet and lifestyle protocol.
  3. Provides incredible proof for prevention of family disease history. Connects the dots for many of our patients.
  4. Is a strong component for new patient screenings, especially for methylation, detoxification, antioxidant defense, weight management, metabolic health, and essential fatty acid, vitamin A, and vitamin D absorption.
Exercise in a Pill

Memory Protection Made Simple

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