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Nutritional Concepts Mid-Week Brief
July 9, 2014
Dear Valued Subscriber,

Did you know that there is a bottled water distributor in the Chicagoland area that provides real spring water, not just filtered municipal water? It is called Nicolet Natural Artesian Water. You may have tried it in our office at some point. It tastes great!

Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky

Medication, Supplement, Food, and Device Alerts.


Multilevel Brand Supplements

You've heard the pitch before. Independent sales associate (i.e. family, friend, or coworker) excitedly claims, "I took this supplement and it has changed my life. This product from XYZ is truly a miracle! You should take the supplement too, or better yet, become an independent distributor like me and watch the money roll in."


While the multilevel style of business is nothing new, we have never agreed with the idea of dispensing supplements through this scheme. For one thing, the sales associates are not licensed professionals. Individual needs are rarely taken into account, which greatly raises the risk for contraindication, allergy/intolerance, and overdosing/underdosing. If the idea of getting your prescription medication from an independent sales associate seems preposterous, why would it be any different for supplements?


One of the oldest and most egregious offenders of this scheme is Herbalife Ltd., the marketer of nutritional and weight-loss products. Earlier this year, Herbalife told ABC News it disciplined nearly 600 independent distributors for making medical claims after the network investigated the company and revealed examples of distributors claiming that Herbalife's products could treat diseases ranging from diabetes to heart disease.


An ABC reporter, wearing a hidden camera, found one particularly troubling case in which a distributor boasted that a woman with a brain tumor became symptom free after beginning to use Herbalife's products. ABC cited multiple examples in which Herbalife distributors made shocking claims, including the account of one woman who said she became pregnant after taking Herbalife.


The other major concern with this model is the false hope that becoming an independent sales associate brings. Herbalife's business practices are under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission and other authorities for claims that it is a pyramid scheme that exploits distributors and achieves few sales outside its vast network of distributors.


Let it be known that Herbalife is just one of the many companies that follow the multilevel model. Be smart and understand that buying your supplements from an independent sales associate is not the same as buying Tupperware! 


Red Yeast Rice

While we do not recommend this brand, please read the recall notice if you take Doctor's Best Red Yeast Rice.




Attention Deficit Psychostimulants

The use of psychostimulants in children and adolescents is associated with nearly twice the risk for a cardiovascular event compared with nonuse. The risk is even higher when the drugs are used for the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The study appeared in the June issue of Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology.


The study, followed more than 700,000 Danish children born between 1990 and 1999, making it the longest study of its kind examining ADHD and stimulant use to date.


The most common cardiovascular events included arrhythmias (23%), hypertension (8%), ischemic heart disease (2%), pulmonary heart disease (less than 1%), cardiac arrest (less than 1%), heart failure (2%), heart disease caused by rheumatic fever (2%), heart disease not otherwise specified (14%), cerebrovascular disease (9%), and cardiovascular disease not otherwise specified (40%).




Oskri Quinoa Bars

We are suspending the recommendation and sale of Oskri Quinoa Bars indefinitely after discovering that they were cited by the FDA for multiple manufacturing violations. Until we are satisfied that Oskri has met all of its obligations to the FDA, we cannot recommend this brand in good conscience. The warning letter can be found at this link.





A $100 million settlement involving NuvaRing, a birth control device linked to sometimes fatal side effects is going forward after 95% of claimants opted in. The ring is made by Merck & Co.


Chemoprotective Effects of Quercetin

This article is available to NCI Well Connect subscribers only. We are offering a one year subscription at 40% OFF for the month of July (49.99 from 79.99). You can order it here.


Antioxidant enzymes and apoptotic proteins were...