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Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin
Food Intolerance: the Silent Assassin

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August 25, 2014
Dear Valued Subscriber,   


Did you know that two stevia mega-brands that claim to be natural, Truvia and PureVia, are not? The manufacturers, Cargill (Truvia) and Merisant (PureVia), recently settled class action lawsuits for misleading consumers and will remove the natural claim from their packaging.

Truvia contains the noncaloric sweetener erythritol and PureVia has dextrose and isomaltulose, which are not natural.


Have a happy, healthy week. Bonnie and Steve Minsky


The Virus Nobody Is Talking About.
While media attention has been focused recently on coronavirus cases in the Arabian peninsula and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, experts note that another threat lies in the spread of Chikungunya fever (pronunciation: chick-en-gun-ya), an illness that is transmitted by mosquitoes and can cause fever, joint and muscle pain, headaches, and rashes. While it does not often cause death, the symptoms can be severe and disabling, with no treatment available.


The potential for worldwide spread of Chikungunya virus is much higher than the risk of dissemination of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus or Ebola virus, and the number of cases expected from the introduction of Chikungunya virus into the Americas, Europe, or both is immeasurably higher.


Attention and funding should be directed to building up surveillance systems, organizing international coordination efforts, and rapidly developing countermeasures, according to a Clinical Microbiology and Infection article. "Concerning worldwide globalization of Chikungunya, the question is not whether it can happen, but when it will happen," said lead author Dr. Remi Charrel.


Steve: The Centers for Disease Control breaks down Chikungunya pretty well on their website. What's interesting is the virus is spread by mosquitoes that only bite during the day. An experimental vaccine is currently being tested.


As with West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, and other mosquito-born illnesses plaguing North America, our recourse is to take all measures to prevent mosquito bites. It cannot hurt to make sure that the host (you) is in optimal health!


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Tai Chi and Qi Gong for Health and Well-Being Video

 I was made aware of this video from the eNewsletter of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which is part of the National Institute's of Health. How nice to see the NIH recognize the importance of these kind of eastern modalities!


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